Al Tirrenia Roberts (Bed & Breakfast) Capri

This hotel is no longer part of the collection

Al Tirrenia Roberts Bed & Breakfast Capri
Al Tirrenia Roberts Tags: Bed and Breakfast, Pool
Via Mulo, 27 - Capri Tel. +39 081 8376119, +39 081 8370370

A B&B with pool on the island of Capri? Yes please!

Three reasons why you'll love it here

  1. A B&B with pool: treat yourself to a touch of luxury!
  2. The view of the sea from the large terrace
  3. The peace and quiet in the Mediterranean garden

This B&B closed in 2014

If you're on the Island of Capri, in a beautiful villa, with panoramic swimming pool and spectacular views of the bay of Marina Piccola, then, chances are, you're at Bed & Breakfast Al Tirrenia Roberts!

B&B, Capri-style

Occupying one of Capri's most elegant homes, Al Tirrenia Roberts is exactly how you would imagine a bed and breakfast on this gorgeous Italian island to be like: set in fragrant, subtropical gardens and with large, light-filled rooms, all of which with romantic balconies looking out over the gardens and the sea.

Poolside pleasures

One thing you might not be expecting to find at a B&B is a panoramic swimming pool!

From the B&B's swimming pool magnificent views of Capri's south coast can be seen

It is here that guests can often be found, happily whiling away the hours, surrounded by the silence of the Mediterranean garden, reading a good book or simply snoozing in the sun.

The same place where, after a day spent lazing on the beach of Marina Piccola (a mere 5 minutes away); people watching in the Piazzetta (a leisurely ten minute walk from the B&B); or sailing round the island on one of Capri's traditional fishing boats, residents relax, a glass of limoncello in hand, waiting for night to fall.