Ambassador Weber

What travellers said about this hotel

  • When we checked-in, we were offered complimentary fresh drinks and nibbles.

    Nadine K. and 82 others agree with this

  • The free shuttle service from the hotel to the center was quick and extremely convenient: we never had to wait more than 5 minutes and the drivers were always polite and helpful.

    Adelaide E. and 81 others agree with this

  • Great location, breathtaking view and good service at the hotel!!

    Andrea B. and 80 others agree with this

  • The sea view bedrooms open put on to a terrace with table, sunshade and lounger and a breathtaking view of the Faraglioni.

    Michela B. and 79 others agree with this

  • This hotel is ideal if you want to spend the day by the sea and the evening out on the town.

    Jaffa J. and 75 others agree with this

  • The two swimming pools had lots of sun loungers and a good supply of towels. Really nice when the beach of Marina Piccola got too crowded.

    Ilaria A. and 71 others agree with this

  • Fantastic location, great service. We really enjoyed our room, the scenery was breathtaking!

    Marie-Helene B. and 67 others agree with this

  • The cost of breakfast was not included in the room rate but, given the variety of sweet and savory specialties available, it was well worth it.

    Max L.T. and 66 others agree with this

  • We did NOT like the terms for the internet useage. It was too much money and too restricted once you did pay for it. For a hotel of this quality, we felt as though it should have been included.

    Gale O. and 61 others agree with this

  • The internet facility was a let-down compared with all other places in Italy. Having to pay by the half-hour, and being only able to access it in the lobby was poor.

    Anthony A. and 58 others agree with this