Caesar Augustus

What travellers said about this hotel

  • You must come here, at least once in your life, even for the briefest of getaways.

    Jacqueline T. and 82 others agree with this

  • From the quality of the upholstery to the choice of accessories, attention to detail is paramount.

    Francois T. and 78 others agree with this

  • Fantastic if you're on your honeymoon.

    Lilli H. and 78 others agree with this

  • The two level infinity swimming pool, perched directly above the sea, has to be one of the most spectacular in the world.

    Nicole I. and 77 others agree with this

  • The location in Anacapri is great, far from the chaos and the crowds of Capri.

    Carol D.G. and 73 others agree with this

  • Service was courteous, never affected.

    Sebastian U. and 58 others agree with this

  • Everybody really went the extra mile for their guests. Excellence is everywhere.

    Vladimir B. and 52 others agree with this

  • Felt cared for from the moment they picked us. I cried with joy when I saw our room, The view was breathtaking. Service impeccable. Breakfast/Lunch best in Italy. Sunset/sunrise awesome MUST GO!

    Martha C. and 33 others agree with this

  • marvelous rooms with a truly unique view, an experience not to be missed - it's a huge bonus that the hotel is never crowded, or noisy - excellent reception staff, extremely professional

    giovanni maria sagramoso s. and 28 others agree with this

  • This was without a doubt the most beautiful hotel I have ever visited; the grounds, rooms, dining, pool - and the view both from the hotel outward and from the sea below up to the hotel. Stunning.

    Amy G. and 28 others agree with this