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Capri Location Service Cinema and Television Capri
Capri Location Service
Via Tuoro - Capri Tel. +39 338 2526227 ,  Mob. +39 338 2526227

Cinema, television and commercials in Capri

  1. Location scouting for tv, film, and fashion shoots
  2. Logistical and organizational support
  3. Permits, transport, and fixer services

Capri Location Service carries out the initial task of locations research and oversees the management of practical and logistical needs for cinema and TV production companies, as well as for fashion photo-shootings and events.

Michela Giovinetti, Location Manager, after being graduated in "Cinema and Television Production" at the "Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia" in Rome, she has worked with some of the most important Production Companies, that have chosen the island of Capri as a unique and magical location.

In collaboration with Capri Film Commission, she is able to find the ideal location and the best solution for the logistical needs, including accomodation, permits, transports, casting and others. Recently she has worked on:

Photo Shoots

  • D&G for Vogue Japan - Production: Artolica Production
  • Shanghai Tang - Production: The Production Factory
  • Ralph Lauren
  • InStyle Germania - Production: Lupetta 5
  • Elle France
  • Elle Turkey
  • Louis Vuitton - Production: Chico Paladino Production
  • Gant - Production: Maria Lindberg Production


  • Ermenegildo Zegna - Production: Panorama Films
  • Fix Design - Production: Videotime-Publitalia
  • American Express - Production: Sawyer Production

Cinema and TV

  • Fiction "Capri", I -II-III episodes - Production: Rizzoli-Rai Fiction
  • Un'estate al mare, film by Carlo Vanzina - Production: International Video80
  • Villa Amalia, film by Benoit Jacquot - Production: Rectangle-Urania Films
  • Krupp - Production: ZDF Television
  • The doctor of Capri - Production: ZDF Television
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