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Getting to Capri is not always simple, with ferries, a funicular, buses and taxis, and a hotel that is often tucked away in the pedestrian lanes of the center of Capri town. If you have to drag your heavy bags through the crowds and heat during your trip, you'll arrived frazzled and stressed out. Now there's an easier way to travel light and arrive hassle-free: ship your luggage ahead with Capri Luggage and arrive fresh and relaxed on the island of Capri!

This luggage shipping service is managed by Capri Logistic Service, the leader for over two decades in commercial shipping to and from Capri. Capri Luggage has partnered with a network on the most important international couriers, and is able to insure fast and secure delivery of luggage from any part of the world directly to your hotel on Capri thanks to years of experience in shipping and logistics. The service is also available to those staying in private apartments or villas.

You can book your luggage shipping online or by phone, reserving the date and time the courier will pick up your luggage at your home or other location and deliver it directly to your accommodation on the island. Nothing could be more simple!

How much does shipping my luggage cost?

To send a small bag from the mainland in Italy to Capri, prices begin at ,35.
This is a small price to pay for the convenience of not having to drag your bags to Capri by yourself, and pay:

  • Extra charges on the ferry: ,2
  • Porter services from the port of Capri: ,10 minimum per bag (the center of Capri town is completely pedestrian only, so taxis cannot drive directly up to your hotel. If you don't use a porter, you need to carry your own bags through the steep, cobblestoned alleys of Capri).

The price looks even better once you consider that you often have to pay extra for baggage on domestic and international flights!

Perfect for Your Return Trip

Capri Luggage can also take care of shipping your luggage from Capri to your home, which is the perfect solution if you want to do some shopping on the island without having to worry about going over weight or relying on the local shops to ship your purchases.

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