Capri Marine Limousine (Excursions by sea) Capri

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Capri Marine Limousine Excursions by sea Capri
Capri Marine Limousine
Tel. +39 329 7810820 ,  Mob. +39 366 1377435

Luxury on water

You've never really experienced the true magic of Capri until you've sailed around its coastline, exploring the mysterious sea caves, secluded coves and magnificent sea stacks for which this beautiful island in the heart of the Bay of Naples is famous.

11 meters of luxury

Today, holidaymakers eager to witness Capri's spectacular Faraglioni and Grotta Azzurra at leisure can do so in style, aboard Capri Marine Limousine's luxurious Ferretti Altura Porto Rotondo motorboat.
A spacious cabin, kitchenette, bathroom, shower, and a large sundeck make sailing the sea surrounding Capri a truly luxurious experience.
Want to have a swim? Beach towels and a ladder to get back on the boat are provided!
Languages spoken by the crew: English and Russian.

Sail the sea surrounding Capri

Whether you've always dreamed of visiting the historic seaside town of Sorrento or the picturesque little fishing villages dotted along the Amalfi Coast, or fancy taking a cruise around the enchanting islands of Ischia, Ponza, Ventotene and Procida, Capri Marine Limousine will be pleased to help you combine hours sailing the Mediterranean sea with trips to all the most popular towns and restaurants in the area.


Capri Marine Limousine's water taxi service provides quick, comfortable, and safe transportation from Capri to the various destinations on the Bay of Naples and the Amalfi Coast.
A surprisingly affordable way to reach the city of Naples and the towns on the Sorrentine Peninsula, the water taxi service is available at any time of the day or night.