Capri Tiberio Palace

What travellers said about this hotel

  • The breakfast served on the sea view terrace was excellent.

    Charles G. and 78 others agree with this

  • The food in the hotel restaurant was excellent.

    Barack L. and 72 others agree with this

  • The beds were wonderfully comfortable and had plenty of soft cushions.

    Tamara L. and 69 others agree with this

  • We were really pleased with everything about the hotel. We had a wonderful experience and will certainly be staying here again and recommending to others.

    Emanuel G. and 64 others agree with this

  • The lack of a view was compensated by the size of the rooms.

    Pierpaolo P. and 56 others agree with this

  • The indoor pool, modeled on a Roman bath.

    Agata P. and 55 others agree with this

  • The gym is new and really beautiful.

    Gabrielle O. and 52 others agree with this

  • We found the hotel to be exceptional. We have traveled all over the world and the TP is one of the best anywhere. Elegant without being pretentious. Our room (and deck) was superb.

    Alan A. and 50 others agree with this

  • I left my diamond earrings and the cleaning crew put them in my bag, very honest and nice!! i was hugely relieved!! The conceirge was helpful and very nice.

    Jennifer S. and 44 others agree with this

  • The service was exceptional. Giada and her staff made the trip for us! Not only were they efficient, but the staff's heart was into everything they did. Kudos for Giada and all who we met there.

    Kristi B. and 28 others agree with this