Casa Morgano

What travellers said about this hotel

  • really lovely, I just hope they don't lose their authentic Capri-ness in their attempt to meet foreign customers needs

    Angelo T. and 13 others agree with this

  • This hotel really surpassed all our expectations. The level of courtesy of the staff, always helpful and giving good advice about where to go, eat or simply what to do.

    Fabienne S. and 76 others agree with this

  • Even though we stayed right at the end of the tourist season, when the hotel was almost empty, the level of service was still exceptionally high.

    Marianne and Stephan R.C. and 59 others agree with this

  • Although the bed in our room was stiff as a board, we loved our time at Casa Morgano. The most helpful, friendly and genuinely interested staff we have ever come across. Wonderful memories.

    Jeremy M. and 7 others agree with this

  • The hotel has a spectacular view of the sea, one of the best on the whole island.

    James L. and 65 others agree with this

  • Amazing hotel made you feel as if you were at home - just incredible

    adrian e. and 6 others agree with this

  • great hotel, beautiful rooms, marvelous views, staff attentive and always ready to help, generous and varied breakfast, spotlessly clean, a real gem.

    Ciro P. and 28 others agree with this

  • We had such an amazing stay at Casa Morgano. We were treated so well by the incredible staff. We try to come to Capri yearly, and we have finally found the hotel that we will be returning to next year

    Richard P. and 39 others agree with this

  • The location of the hotel is fantastic: within easy reach of the Piazzetta of Capri and yet far from the chaos.

    Alex A. and 78 others agree with this

  • Lunch by the pool is wonderful. There's no menu: the waiter simply lists the dishes of the day, or you can order anything you fancy and the chef will prepare it for you.

    Nanni M. and 37 others agree with this