Diva Suites

What travellers said about this hotel

  • The view from our bedroom window was amazing: we looked straight on to the Faraglioni and the Siren's rock.

    Lorella C. and 64 others agree with this

  • The perfect choice for a holiday by the sea: the beach and one of the island's historic bathing establishments are, quite literally, on your doorstep.

    Ludovica L. and 61 others agree with this

  • During the day, the bathing establishment and swimming pool got crowded. But at night, the place was incredibly peaceful. The view of the Faraglioni was awesome.

    Janis J. and 48 others agree with this

  • The suites, named after the female style icons who famously frequented Capri, are suitably luxurious.

    Pamela F. and 48 others agree with this

  • a true gem of a hotel. Will certainly return ASAP...

    Steven E. and 17 others agree with this

  • The only problem was that there were weddings every night. It seemed that the hotel was more worried about the wedding than hotel guests. For how much was paid for the room, not really that great.

    Carrie P. and 0 others agree with this