Faraglioni (Restaurants) Capri

Faraglioni Restaurants Capri
Via Camerelle, 75 - Capri Tel. +39 081 8370320

Capri on your plate

A favorite amongst stars of the small and big screen and nostalgics in search of a taste of vintage Capri, Restaurant Faraglioni is an icon of the island's hospitality industry.

Stategic eats

Adding yet further to the appeal of the historic eatery, Faraglioni is strategically located on the spot where Via Camerelle, Capri's glamorous designer shopping street, ends and the panoramic Via Tragara begins.

Dining under the pagliarelle

Clients dining at Faraglioni eat beneath the islands' characteristic pagliarelle: traditional straw canopies which transform each and every table into an intimate private dining room. Additional tables are located under a pergola of wisteria and in the dining room decorated with frescoes by Sergio Rubino.

From the tank to your plate

Faraglioni's menu features a good selection of Italian and International classics as well as all-time island favorites such as the legendary lemon risotto. Fish and crustaceans are plucked direct from the fish tank which takes pride of place in the main dining room. A wine list containing over six hundred wines ensures the perfect accompaniment to every meal.

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