Fishing Capri (Excursions by sea) Capri

Fishing Capri Excursions by sea Capri
Fishing Capri
Porto di Capri - Capri Tel. +39 366 3431198

Fishing fun in the sea surrounding Capri

The island, the sea and the fish of Capri. With Fishing Capri, you can enjoy all three!

The Capri catch

They call it 'fishing for fun' but a day with Fishing Capri is much more than that.
Like the local fishermen, you'll need to wake at the crack of dawn to prepare the bait (and if you're using live bait, to catch it first!) before setting off to sea.
A board the Pequod, a large and fully equipped fishing boat, you'll find Captain Costanzo Guida waiting for you. On request, the local expert Michele Prezioso will join the team. A well known reporter and professional fisherman, Prezioso knows the sea surrounding Capri better than anybody else!
Beginning to feel hungry? You'll find a selection of tasty panini, snacks and drinks on board!

Fishing tour: 4 hours fishing in the most beautiful patches of water off the coast of Capri plus a complete tour around the island!

Mediterranean magic

It really doesn't matter if you're a complete beginner or a well-sailed professional, with Capri Fishing you'll enjoy some of the most thrilling fishing ever.

A night you'll never forget? For as long as anyone can remember, in the summertime, Capri's fishermen have gone fishing for squid at night - this is your chance to join them!

Fishing with live bait, the technique traditionally used by the island's fishermen, is, perhaps, the most exciting way to fish, but you can try your hand at vertical jigging,inchiku and bottom fishing too. Most fishing is done close to the coast. If you fancy big game fishing, you'll need to sail further out to see.
Snapper, amberjack, grouper, tuna (for immediate release) are a few of the types of fish you might catch during a day at sea with Fishing Capri.

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