Gatto Bianco

What travellers said about this hotel

  • You couldn't ask for a better location: bang in the center of Capri and within walking distance of all the major attractions.

    Julian A. and 82 others agree with this

  • The hotel is really peaceful despite being right in the center of town.

    Emily Y. and 81 others agree with this

  • The building is really well maintained: the majolica tiled floors are particularly beautiful .

    Ivan F. and 81 others agree with this

  • The hotel is furnished in typical Capri style and is ideal for a romantic escape.

    Jennifer L. and 77 others agree with this

  • Bedrooms are spacious, tastefully furnished and open out onto charming terraces.

    Mary N. and 62 others agree with this

  • Excellent breakfast of homemade pastries and cakes.

    Lidia S.C. and 59 others agree with this

  • We enjoyed our vacation tremendously. The location of the hotel is excellent right in the heart of the shopping district hich put some strain on my credit cad.

    Bruno P. and 58 others agree with this

  • Staff was very knowledgeable and helpful.

    Richard H. and 56 others agree with this

  • The staff are very welcoming and nice, feels like a family oriented hotel. The only thing was disappointing was the breakfast which consists only some pastries and juices no cheese or eggs.

    Mohammed A. and 28 others agree with this

  • While several of the staff and reception attendees were very nice and helpful, a couple of others were not friendly at all and offered us no information when we checked in.

    Susanah D. and 17 others agree with this