Grand Hotel Quisisana

What travellers said about this hotel

  • The Quisisana is the quintessence of Capri: elegant, traditional and, at the same time, equipped with every modern comfort.

    Isac M. and 72 others agree with this

  • The bedrooms are enchanting and the attention to detail is evident throughout, from the choice of linen to the quality of the in-room amenities and technology.

    Isabella S.C. and 70 others agree with this

  • Not only is Hotel Quisisana situated in the center of Capri, Hotel Quisisana is the center of Capri!

    Samuel B. and 69 others agree with this

  • If you're looking for the best, you'll find it at Grand Hotel Quisisana: an icon of island hospitality, where all your dreams come true.

    Nicholas G. and 62 others agree with this

  • The swimming pool facing the Faraglioni is fabulous and, for Capri, it's pretty big too.

    Victor R. and 48 others agree with this

  • The buffet breakfast is quite simply flabbergasting, offering an infinity of choices.

    Melanie S. and 48 others agree with this

  • We were surprised to discover just how big the hotel was, especially when you consider how small Capri is.

    Martha S. and 48 others agree with this

  • All the restaurants were excellent: impeccable service, superb dishes, and beautiful presentation.

    Friederick A.B. and 45 others agree with this

  • The consierge most helpful and the staff generally good .The staff around the pool and dining area there seemed to have a chip on their shoulder. We couldnt get menus or service and their attitude se

    Jon H. and 33 others agree with this

  • I can't imagine a finer property - anywhere!! The hotel looks like it is polished and shined 24 hours a day. Will definitely return.

    Frank G. and 17 others agree with this