Il Tramonto - The Sunset

What travellers said about this hotel

  • The B&B is ideal for those looking for a relaxing holiday, far from the island's tourist traps.

    Gianluca U. and 27 others agree with this

  • We only stayed for one night, but the B&B was fabulous, the owners were really kind and made us feel like family.

    Maria Stella M. and 20 others agree with this

  • A delicious and generously sized breakfast is served in the gazebo in the garden, from where a view of the island of Ischia can be seen.

    Milly D.A. and 18 others agree with this

  • This B&B couldn't have been called anything else: from each and every bedroom a spectacular sunset can be seen.

    Norman D. and 23 others agree with this

  • The owners are so caring and personable. They go to great lengths to make sure your stay is enjoyable and want you to love Capri as much as they do!

    Kimberly K. and 27 others agree with this

  • An enchanting garden with citrus trees, roses and honeysuckle, lovingly cared for by owner Luciana.

    Laura B. and 29 others agree with this

  • As soon as we arrived the owner offered us a drink and gave us detailed information about all the things to see and do on the island Capri.

    Lucienne G. and 25 others agree with this

  • Extemely pleased with our stay, and can't wait to return to the breathtaking views of Anacapri.

    Elisha E. and 16 others agree with this

  • A piece of advice for couples: be careful because with a setting like this you might soon find yourselves in three.

    Roberta A. and 19 others agree with this

  • Sabriana and Luciana made us feel really welcome. Even though it rained during our stay, we were still able to enjoy the beauty of the island.We hope to come back soon!

    Mariela F. and 5 others agree with this