Lanterna Verde - piano bar (Nightlife) Anacapri

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Lanterna Verde - piano bar Nightlife Anacapri
Lanterna Verde - piano bar
Via G. Orlandi, 1 - Anacapri Tel. +39 081 8371427/1442 ,  Fax +39 081 8371420

With a reputation established over half a century ago as the island's premier venue for fine evening entertainment, the Lanterna Verde occupies an important place in Anacapri's history of hospitality, a symbol of that splendid era when the name "Capri" began to spread all over the world.
This fascinating tavern bar of the Hotel San Michele was built in to the limestone rock face manually, without the use of sophisticated machinery.
Those entering the Lanterna Verde as night falls are struck by the magical atmosphere and the impression of being right beneath the star specked sky, as if suspended between the cliffs and the sea below.

Throughout the summer season, the tavern is the venue for superb musical soirees of various genre, featuring the voices of the most highly reputed Italian and International singers.