What travellers said about this hotel

  • Bedrooms are clean, spacious, and full of light: interiors were decorated in typical Capri style, with hand painted majolica floor tiles.

    Robert K. and 61 others agree with this

  • Just steps away from the shops, it enjoys a beautiful location facing the sea and the green hillside of Capri.

    Annie L. and 58 others agree with this

  • By Italian standards, breakfast was extremely generous, with pastries, fruit and cereals. If you pay extra, you can have eggs too.

    Sophie K. and 58 others agree with this

  • Even the rooms which do not face the sea have lovely views, looking out over the hills.

    Amèlie T. and 50 others agree with this

  • The poolside restaurant (open lunchtime only) was excellent.

    Britney B.B. and 37 others agree with this