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Med inStyle Meetings and Events Capri
Med inStyle
Piazzetta C. Battisti, 2 - Capri Tel. +39 081 8375841 ,  Fax +39 081 8376046

Luxury events & weddings on the island of Capri

Want to host an exclusive event on Capri? Ever since Med inStyle opened its offices, within a stone's throw of the Piazzetta, organizing a luxury event or wedding on this idyllic Italian island has never been easier.
If Alessandra Gravina, the company's dynamic wedding and event manager, can confidently claim "we can give you all those things the others can't", it's because there isn't a corner of Capri or the Amalfi Coast which she doesn't know like the back of her hand.

Tailor-made weddings on Capri

Designed to match your dreams, what makes weddings by Med inStyle so special is the meticulous attention given to every single detail of your big day.
From the location to the musical entertainment, gourmet catering, hair styling, bridal makeup and photography, Med inStyle has everything you need to make your wedding day one which you and your guests will remember forever.

Still haven't decided what to wear? Med inStyle will help you find the perfect Italian designer wedding dress!

Dreams which become reality

Business, culture, wellness, gastronomy. Whatever the theme, if you want your event on Capri to be a truly unique one, what you need is Med inStyle!
From talk-of-the-town corporate events to high profile product launches, glamorous beach cocktails, star-studded gala dinners and even outdoor yoga sessions on the summit of Monte Solaro, there's no limit to the amazing happenings organized by Med inStyle.

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