Nesea Cultural Events (Guided tours) Capri

Nesea Cultural Events Guided tours Capri
Nesea Cultural Events
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Guided Walks and Itineraries around Capri

  • Visit the hidden corners of Capri
  • Founded by three young islanders with a deep love of Capri
  • A vast selection of scheduled events and walks (not just on Capri!)

Love for the island of Capri and the desire to introduce visitors (and residents) to its more authentic side are the two motivations behind the Nesea Cultural Association, founded by a group of young women for whom the island not just a playground for the yachterati, but a land rich in history, culture, and unique landscapes.

Since 2010, Nesea has been organizing eductional itineraries, creative workshops, guided tours - both cultural and gourmet - and literary and artistic events.

Nesea's organized events and tours are aimed at highlighting Capri's culture through the traditions and local people who have made this island famous the world over.

Nesea offers two types of itineraries: historic and hiking.

  • Historic

Medieval Capri: From the Piazzetta to the Certosa di San Giacomo, where visitors can view the works of Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach. (2 hours)

Villa Fersen - Amori et Dolori Sacrum: A walk through the stories and legends of the Tiberius' historic residences with breathtaking views over Marina Grande and Vesuvius. (2 hours)

In the Heart of Anacapri: A route along the churches and lanes of the highest village on Capri leading to the Villa San Michele, founded by the Swede Axel Munthe, where there is one of the most beautiful scenic overlooks on the island. (2 hours)

Giardino della Memoria: An exploration of the Cimitero acattolico di Capri (Capri's Protestant cemetary), where artists, poets, writers, and musicians who have loved (and honored) Capri now lay. (1 hour)

  • Hiking

From Villa Jovis to Villa Lysis: A trail marked by sites and stories of the archaeology, history, and nature on Capri from the Roman period to the 1800s. (4 hours)

From the Arco Naturale stone archway to the Belvedere di Tragara scenic overlook: Discover the'geological evolution of Capri in the context of the Sorrento Penisola, passing Matermania and following a trail that skirts the sea and ends at Villa Malaparte. (2 hours)

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