Regina Cristina

What travellers said about this hotel

  • The location couldn't be more central: within steps of the Piazzetta and Via Camerelle, the main shopping street.

    Karen B. and 82 others agree with this

  • Despite its extremely central location, the hotel is peaceful and quiet.

    Silvana D. and 75 others agree with this

  • The staff was courteous and always willing to help. We felt very welcome.

    Roman P. and 68 others agree with this

  • The best value for money in Capri to date, especially when you consider the location and the fact that guests are able to use the beautiful pool belonging to the neighboring hotel.

    ada l. and 50 others agree with this

  • Good evening! This was our honeymoon and we want to return next year in June and hope to pay the same price, have the same room and the same fabulous experience as this year. Thanks so much!

    Stefan W. and 44 others agree with this

  • Bedrooms are filled with light and spotlessly clean. Some rooms have their own sea view balcony.

    Imma G. and 39 others agree with this

  • The breakfast menu was varied and portions generous.

    Ophelia S. and 38 others agree with this

  • From my personal point of view, this is a 3 star. The bathrooms and interiors are in need of renovation. Value for money - ok

    Antonio P. and 27 others agree with this

  • The four star rating is generous to say the least. Breakfast was ample but could have been much more varied.

    pedante r. and 26 others agree with this