Villa Eva

What travellers said about this hotel

  • Breakfast is of a high standard and generous: pastries, cold meats, cheesed, cereals, jams, coffee, tea.

    Jasmine H. and 31 others agree with this

  • Should I return to this magnificent island, I will definitely choose to stay in this hotel again. Great value for money, a true garden of Eden!

    silvia b. and 8 others agree with this

  • Villa Eva was a great find: relaxing atmosphere, marvelous garden, attractive and spotlessly clean bedroom, private terrace with breathtaking view of the sea.

    Kathrine K. and 63 others agree with this

  • We very much appreciated the kindness of the young couple at villa Eva.

    gunilla r. and 29 others agree with this

  • We loved being a little distance from town - the walk was lovely and the location stunning - the grounds are amazing and are beautifully maintain.

    Sue M. and 27 others agree with this

  • Just a little too far from town for my liking, but the hotel is gorgeous and cheap!

    Richard V. and 10 others agree with this

  • Everything is great if you're lively and don't need the luxury!

    Irena K. and 42 others agree with this

  • Villa Eva is ideal if you're looking for a cheap place somewhere quiet.

    Umberto D.A. and 60 others agree with this

  • Naturally beautiful grounds, lovely gardens, nice and quiet.

    Tanya S. and 65 others agree with this

  • Villa Eva was a good stay, the room was spacious, the bathroom a little small, the pool was big enough to relax after a hot day. The service was great, we even got a free drive to the harbour!

    Catharina v. and 37 others agree with this