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Watches Jewels Capri - Shop Online Jewellers Capri
Watches Jewels Capri - Shop Online
Via Tragara, 33/A - Capri Tel. +39 081 8377545 ,  Mob. +39 333 8026171

Watches and jewels from Capri on the web

The stunning collection of fashion watches, Capri Watch, the magic of the island of Capri always on your wrist wherever you go and feel on holiday even at work. Give someone you love or given whole new emotion. The warranty is valid internationally for 5 years. In addition to a wide selection of watches, divided into appropriate categories. These are just some examples of jewelry and watch brands that you can find on the website

On this unique storefront, a brainchild of Mario Ruocco, belonging to a Capri historic family of goldsmiths, you can purchase online directly from the island of Capri, jewelry and watches while sitting comfortably at home, office, bar or in yacht. Nothing is more simple and suggestive, which sit in "Piazzetta" a refreshing cocktail and click page after page, the website looking for a gift for themselves or for others!

With regard to the operation of the website is extremely easy to make a purchase online because you will need only free register, following a few simple steps. In addition, the payment processing is very easy with PayPal's industry-leading online of payment. For those who still prefer an offline payment method, there is the possibility to make even the most classic bank transfer and the collect on delivery, only in Italy and Europe. The purchased items will be immediately ship via express courier UPS, with over 200 destinations worldwide available. Finally, for those residing outside the EU, a further advantage is granted with a tax exemption for each item on our online catalog.

Of course, we invite you to visit as soon as possible, especially to view the latest arrivals, special offers and all current promotions. And for regular updates via e-mail, don't forget to subscribe to our free newsletter.