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Boat Tours

Capri Relax Boats - Tour of the Isle of Capri by boat "Fratelli Aprea 7.80" Pick

Excursions by sea

Tour of the Isle of Capri by boat "Fratelli Aprea 7.80"

Do you really want to enjoy the blue sea of Capri?
The best option is to book a private boat to sail around the island!
With its discreet charm the "Fratelli Aprea 7.80 open cruise" is the model that more than others represents the tradition and the classic line of Gozzo Sorrentino.

By Capri Relax Boats

from € 150 € 160 -6% Per boat. Up to 7 persons.

Andrea Albanese

(Amministratore Unico)

Gianni's Boat - Full day to Capri - GROUP TOUR (NOT PRIVATE) - 7 hours Pick

Excursions by sea

Full day to Capri - GROUP TOUR (NOT PRIVATE) - 7 hours

The full day group tour includes a complete tour around the island in all the grottos, swimming and sun bathing, and around 3 hour of free time to explore the island by foot.
Each boat holds up to 12 people.

By Gianni's Boat

€ 90 per guest

Gianni Tedesco


Ciro Capri Boats - Boat Tour of Capri Pick

Excursions by sea

Boat Tour of Capri

Boat tour around the island of Capri on board a traditional 7.5 meter "gozzo" boat, with a large cushioned sundeck

By Ciro Capri Boats

from € 140 From 1 to 6 passengers

Ciro Gargiulo


Capri Blue Boats - Tour of Capri from Marina Piccola on a Gozzo Pick

Excursions by sea

Tour of Capri from Marina Piccola on a Gozzo

Boat tour of the island of Capri with skipper departing from Marina Piccola. Duration: 2.5 hours.

By Capri Blue Boats

€ 150 max 7 people

Raffaele Lembo


Capri Blue Boats - Full Day tour of the island with skipper Pick

Excursions by sea

Full Day tour of the island with skipper

Full day tour of Capri on a Gozzo Caprese with skipper, departing from Marina Piccola.

By Capri Blue Boats

€ 350 Up to 8 passengers

Raffaele Lembo


Capri Blue Boats - Half Day around Capri with typical gozzo. Pick

Excursions by sea

Half Day around Capri with typical gozzo.

If you want to spend half a day (4 hours) of absolute relaxation between the waters of Capri included a tour of the island with various stops for the swim, this is the offering which is for you!

By Capri Blue Boats

€ 220 Up to 8 persons.

Raffaele Lembo



How can I organize a tour of Capri by boat?

There are three ways to take a boat tour of the island:

  1. Rent a boat without a skipper (and navigate it by yourself)
  2. Rent a boat with a skipper
  3. Join an organized group boat tour

How much does a boat tour of Capri cost?

  • Boat rentals without skipper: from EUR 90 for 2 hours, max 5 passengers
  • Boat rental with a skipper: from EUR 140 for 2 hours, max 6 passengers
  • Organized group boat tours: EUR 15 per person with for online tickets

Which is the best option for a boat tour?

If your budget allows, a boat tour with skipper is by far the best option. Local skippers know the coastline well and can show you the hidden sea caves and coves while you concentrate on relaxing and enjoying the ride, perhaps while basking in the sun on the padded deck. With private boat rentals, you have more freedom with your route and can stop for a swim, whereas with organized group tours there is a set route and no stops.

I have never navigated a boat. Can I rent one?

In theory, yes. There are small boats and dinghies which do not require a boating license to rent or drive. That said, we recommend renting a boat without a skipper only for those who have some experience on the water.

How long does it take to tour Capri by boat?

To sail the entire circumference of Capri at a steady speed in a medium sized boat, it takes about an hour. If you take the trip a bit slower and stop to visit caves along the way, you'll need at least a couple of hours. Boat rental and charter companies which rent a "gozzo" boat with skipper often offer 3 or 4 hour tours to allow for time to take a swim. If you love being at sea and want to stop for lunch at one of the pretty waterfront restaurants and also have time for a swim or two, you may want to consider renting a boat for the entire day.

What types of boats are used for boat tours around Capri?

Organized group tours use large boats which can accommodate up to 100 passengers. The Motoscafisti tour company, however, often uses smaller boats called a "lancia", which is a traditional wooden vessel which can fit about 35 passengers. Boat rental companies which offer private rentals with a skipper most often use the traditional "gozzo" wooden boats.

What is a "gozzo"?

The gozzo is the traditional boat used for centuries on Capri and Sorrento. It is made of wood and has a large sundeck and awning.

What do I need to bring on the boat?

Just bring your swimsuit and sunblock. If you want to visit the Blue Grotto, keep in mind that the queue may be long and you may be waiting under the hot sun for awhile, so bring a hat and water. Private boat rentals with a skipper always include an ice chest with cool water and beverages on board.

How old do children have to be for a boat tour?

There is no minimum age; children under 3 are free on the Laser Capri and Motoscafisti tours. Obviously, we do not recommend boat tours for small infants.

Can I bring my dog on the boat tour?

Yes, small dogs are allowed on all boats. Larger breeds are allowed only on private rental boats. Regardless, it's always a good idea to check with the boat rental or charter company in advance.