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Francesco Orlando - Manager - Il Girasole

Francesco Orlando


Il Girasole (Anacapri)

Il Girasole está localizado em uma área da ilha que se mantém intocado: caminhar em torno do hotel, você vai encontrar vinhas, jardins, ruas estreitas que se abrem para vistas de sonho ... e muita tranquilidade !

Sentiero dei Fortini Hotel

Sentiero dei Fortini

If you're a walker, don't miss this amazing coastal path which runs from the Grotta Azzurra all the way to the lighthouse. It will take you up to 3hrs to complete, but the views are more than worth the effort.


Gradola Beach Hotel

Gradola Beach

A hidden cove on the side of the Blue Grotto, a corner of paradise in the morning hours. Diving with the local people and enjoy a sandwich in the kiosk overlooking the sea, your better Capri's experience!


Barbarossa Hotel


Friendly, family-run restaurant serving pizza and traditional island fare: good food, great prices

Tel. +39 081 8371483


La Migliera philosophical park Hotel

La Migliera philosophical park

Within easy walking distance of the hotel, this panoramic park is dotted with the citations of famous Western philosophers and leads to one of Capri's most spectacular viewing terraces ever


Michel'angelo Hotel


A romantic little restaurant, within steps of Capri's famous Piazzetta. What to eat? Fish! (any fresher than this and it's still in the sea!)

Tel. +39 081 8377220


Andar de bicicleta em Capri Hotel

Andar de bicicleta em Capri

No nosso hotel, você pode alugar uma bicicleta elétrica com assistência pedal. A maneira mais conveniente e ambientalmente amigável para descobrir Capri em total liberdade!


Faro/lighthouse Punta Carena Hotel

Faro/lighthouse Punta Carena

This is where the islanders come to swim and sunbathe. Snacks and drinks are available from "Da Antonio"'s beach bar. Don't miss the sunset: it's the most spectacular on Capri.