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Via Giuseppe Orlandi, 113 - Anacapri
Capricci Restaurants Anacapri

Designer dining at Blu Capri Relais

Contact Capricci directly

Contact Capricci directly

Capricci - Anacapri

Offering a stylish combination of contemporary Mediterranean cuisine and modern interior design, Capricci, restaurant of the 5 star hotel Blu Capri Relais, is destined to become the gourmet destination on the Island of Capri.

Lunch in the limonaia

Located in the peaceful historic center of Anacapri, Restaurant Capricci has two very different dining venues.
At lunchtime clients eat "al fresco" in the characteristic Limonaia, choosing from a menu comprised of wonderfully light fish and seafood dishes (the "Octopus and potato millefeuille" is an absolute must!) and an excellent selection of salads.
In the evenings the restaurant's indoor dining room provides the elegant setting for an epicurean eating experience to remember.

Paffetti's passion, your pleasure

Luca Paffetti is the talented young chef responsible for Restaurant Capricci's innovative Mediterranean menus.
Taking inspiration from the typical cuisine of Capri, the island's abundant supply of fish, and the sun-ripened fruit and vegetables grown in the fertile countryside of Anacapri, Paffetti concocts edible masterpieces such as his flavor-packed "Spicy couscous with tiger prawns, chick pea tartar and cherry tomatoes" and divine "Pasta with baby squid and orange sauce".

Few will resist the temptation of indulging in one of Capricci's desserts, or forget the taste of Paffetti's wickedly delicious '"trio of chocolates"' or supremely delicate 'lavender ice-cream"

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