Enoteca segreta Local products Capri

Enoteca segreta Capri

The world of wine

Via Roma, 64 - Capri
Enoteca segreta Local products Capri

Enoteca segreta - Capri

Hidden away in the heart of Capri, just steps away from the Piazzetta, at the top of a narrow flight of steps, lies a tiny little store - the Enoteca Segreta or "Secret Wine Shop". Who could imagine that in such a small space one could find such an incredible assortment of Italian wines and gastronomic specialities from Capri and beyond!

The Enoteca Segreta was the idea of the Pollio family, the members of which all share a passion not only for wine but also for the land on which the grapes used to produce it are cultivated. Respect for the natural balance of nature and a love for wine and food were the foundations for this family run enterprise.

From the world-famous Super Tuscans to lesser known, but equally enjoyable, local vintages, from limited addition liqueurs to fantastic grappas, the Enoteca Segreta boasts a fabulous selection of wines and spirits. The shop also stocks a range of stylish kitchen and dining table accessories.

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Local products

Limoncello di Capri

When life gives you lemons, have a limoncello!

  1. Made from local island lemons according to a traditional recipe
  2. A unique souvenir to bring the flavor of Capri home with you
  3. Keep a bottle in your freezer!
Tel. +39 081 8375561

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When glass becomes as precious as jewels

  • Art glass from the classic to the modern
  • Jewelry and home decorations
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The Sea Gull

Ceramics from Capri: made with love and painted by hand since 1950

  1. One-of-a-kind, hand-painted ceramics
  2. The colors of Capri in your home
  3. Shipping worldwide
Excellent (18)
Tel. +39 081 8370852

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Aurora Vino

The art of drinking wine

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Capannina Più gourmet

A tempting array of gourmet treats

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  2. Need a special gift? Here you'll find something perfect
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Tel. +39 081 8378899

Local products

Capri Bell

Capri's traditional handcrafted lucky charm

  1. A unique, handmade memento from Capri
  2. A historic symbol of good fortune, perfect as a gift
  3. Perfect for wedding or party favors
Tel. +39 081 837 7634
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