L'Oasi Ceramiche - Anacapri

Shopping in Anacapri - Via Capodimonte, 1/a
L'Oasi Ceramiche
L'Oasi Ceramiche
L'Oasi Ceramiche
L'Oasi Ceramiche
+39 081 8373646

Original artisan ceramics, made with love on the island of Capri

  1. Bring home a handmade souvenir from the island
  2. Small masterpieces blending traditional and creativity
  3. In the center of Anacapri

Why choose L'Oasi Ceramiche in Anacapri

It may be small, but Oasi Ceramiche, in the heart of Anacapri, stocks one of the largest collections of artistic ceramics on the island of Capri.
Ever since the shop first opened for business some thirty years ago, Oasi Ceramiche has been attracting visitors with its vast assortment of exquisite handmade ceramics.

Inspired by the colors, flavors and aromas of Capri, every article, however large of small, tells a tale of this beautiful Italian island

Whether you're looking for something classic or contemporary, you can be sure to find the perfect gift or souvenir of Capri in Oasi Ceramiche's store.

Oasi Ceramiche is located in the center of Anacapri, within meters of Piazza Vittoria and the famous Villa San Michele.

Locations - How to get to Anacapri

L'Oasi Ceramiche is located in Anacapri along the picturesque street leading to Villa San Michele.


L'Oasi Ceramiche
Shopping in Anacapri - Via Capodimonte, 1/a
+39 081 8373646

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