Capri Beaches and beach clubs

First things first: if you're looking for great stretches of soft golden sand... you've come to the wrong place!
Capri's tiny beaches are comprised of a few square meters of pebbles and little platforms positioned between the rocks.

Capri's beaches are miniscule bays between the cliffs, in which you'll find beach clubs similar to water edge lounge rooms, or rocks from where to dive into the sparkling, crystal clear sea.

How much does a day on one of Capri's beaches cost?

On average, the entrance fee with use of a sun lounger in one of the island's private beach clubs is 20 euro. The cost of hiring a beach umbrella is not included.

Beaches in Marina Grande

Marina Grande boasts the biggest beach on the island, right next to the harbor where the hydrofoils dock. Despite the vicinity to the port, the water is always incredibly clean. The sun leaves the beach mid-afternoon.

The free beach is located in the vicinity of the hydrofoil ticket offices. Boats taking holidaymakers to the Bagni di Tiberio beach club leave from here on a regular basis.

Beach clubs: Bagni Tiberio Le Ondine Lo Smeraldo

Beaches in Marina Piccola

The beaches in Marina Piccola are the most glamorous of all those on the island. You can easily reach the bay on foot, by walking down the spectacular Via Krupp. The Faraglioni lie within easy swimming distance. The only downside is that the sun leaves the bay early in the afternoon. There are two public beaches, one on either side of the Siren's rock.

Beach clubs: Torre Saracena La Canzone del Mare Bagni Internazionali Da Gioia Lo Scoglio delle Sirene


From the Punta Tragara viewing point, a little track leads down to the rocks at the foot of the Faraglioni. Here there are two private beach clubs, each of which has a highly acclaimed restaurant, where to spend a leisurely day by the sea. Don't worry about having to make the uphill return journey: both clubs operate a shuttle boat service to Marina Piccola.

Beach clubs: Da Luigi la Fontelina

Grotta Azzurra

Near to the Grotta Azzurra there are beach clubs where you can swim and enjoy the sun until late afternoon. There's a free area too.

Beach clubs: Gradola il Riccio


Anacapri's Faro di Punta Carena is the islanders favorite beach. This little bay, dominated by the island's lighthouse, is the only place to catch the sun from first thing in the morning until late in the afternoon, when it sets in a spectacular display of red, yellow and pink, over the sea.

Beach clubs: Da Antonio Lido del Faro

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