Capri Beauty Farm (Wellbeing) Anacapri

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Capri Beauty Farm Wellbeing Anacapri
Capri Beauty Farm
Via Capodimonte, 2B - Anacapri Tel. +39 081 9780111 ,  Fax +39 081 8373191

Destination beauty

If you're looking for a great Italian destination spa, you'll love Capri Palace and the 5 star luxury hotel's Capri Beauty Farm!

Spa philosophy

Capri Beauty Farm embraces a philosophy of total wellbeing, offering guests an impressive series of treatments to stimulate all five senses.

Capri Beauty Farm gives spa lovers the chance to indulge in experiences which will purify the body, boost energy levels and elevate the spirit

At Capri Beauty Farm you can expect to enjoy a sophisticated and supremely relaxing environment together with the benefits of the most up to date equipment and technology.

The personal touch

The appeal of the Capri Beauty Farm lies also in its flexible and personalized range of treatment programs which, in conjunction with a careful medical assessment, are tailored to satisfy each individual's objectives - from weight-loss and fitness improvement to physiotherapy and purification - achievable within an optimal time frame.

Awards a gogo

In 2004, the Capri Beauty Farm became a "Leading Spa", prestigious brand of The Leading Hotels of the World. In January 2006, at Monte Carlo's European Spa Exhibition, it was nominated "Best Destination Spa".