Capri Boat - Banana Sport (Excursions by sea) Capri

Capri Boat - Banana Sport Excursions by sea Capri
Capri Boat - Banana Sport
Marina Grande - Spiaggia - Capri Tel. +39 081 8375188 ,  Mob. +39 330 227064

What better way to experience Capri than by sailing around this magical Italian island by boat? Capri Boat, with its impressive fleet of sailing craft, offers visitors to Capri just such an occasion. The company, which boasts years of experience in which it has established an excellent reputation for both its professionalism and highly competitive rates, has a number of boats all of which are comfortable, safe and extremely reliable. The craft are fun and easy to sail and, in fact, no nautical license is required.

One hour non-stop sailing is all that is required to complete a circuit around the island. Naturally, most clients will opt for a more leisurely cruise of at least 2 hours, so as to allow themselves time to admire the many famous sites dotted around the coastline of Capri, sites such as the Baths of Tiberius, the Grotta Azzurra, the lighthouse of Punta Carena, the Grotta Verde, Marina Piccola and its legendary Faraglioni, Villa Malaparte, the Natural Arch, and the Grotta Bianca.

Larger boats are available for groups of as many as 9 people. Those preferring to leave the sailing to the experts, can choose to rent a crewed boat.

There's no need to book!

From May to October, boats are always available meaning there's no need to make a reservation, just make your way to Marina Grande and Capri Boat's private jetty, behind the hydrofoil ticket offices.
Of course, if you like, you can call us a day or two before your arrival on Capri for additional information.

Summer 2015 - Rates

  • 2 Hours (not per person): Euro 90,00
  • Extra hours or part of hour. Euro 30,00
  • All day from 9.30am to 6.30pm: Euro 200,00
  • Special one hour from 3.00pm: Euro 70,00

Maximum 5 people. All inclusive

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