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Handmade memories of Capri

Did you know that great part of the artisan products for which Capri is famous are made by the island's womenfolk?
Today, the ceramics, sandals, knitwear, bags and gastronomic goods realized by the ladies of Capri are available for purchase, not only on the island, but on the web too - courtesy of CapriRicordi!

Fill your home with the colors of Capri

Ceramic plates and vases, landscape paintings, keepsake boxes: if you're searching for an original souvenir of Capri, for a friend or, why not?, for yourself, you'll find just what you're looking for on CapriRicordi's website!

CapriRicordi: art, crafts and gourmet goodies delivered direct to your door!

A treat for your feet!

Effortlessly elegant, surprisingly simple, seriously seductive. Capri's hand-stitched sandals are the epitome of the island's laid back, casual chic style. Add an artisan-made beach bag, sun hat and wrap over and you've got the Capri look!

The island on your plate (and in your glass)

If the thought of Capri's delicious ravioli or torta caprese is enough to get your mouth watering, wait until you see CapriRicordi's gourmet section!

Homemade pasta, pickles, tomato sauce, olive oil and wine made with the ingredients grown in the island's vegetable gardens, olive orchards and vineyards: there's everything you might possibly need for a veritable Capri-style feast!

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