Da Michele Butcher shop (Local products) Capri

Da Michele Butcher shop Local products Capri
Da Michele Butcher shop
Via Prov. Marina Grande - Capri Tel. 081 8375254

Meats, cheeses, and other gourmet treats

  1. Who said that there's only seafood on Capri?
  2. Excellent quality meats...
  3. ...and other local products

Since 1967, the "da Michele Fabbrocino" butcher's shop has been offering its customers in Capri the highest quality meats and cheeses.
Consistently excellent produce and impeccable service have meant that da Michele has become a favorite among islanders and visiting gourmands alike.
The invaluable advise offered to clients by wife Clara adds to the establishment's appeal.
The most prestigious cuts of meat can be found here: such as the exquisitely rich Chianina or Seerland Beef, the highly acclaimed Tuscan Cinta Senese, and the fabulous Dam veal.

Michele Fabbroncino has a superb range of cold meats, cheeses and ready to cook meals:

- Caciocavallo cheese matured in barrels with nut leaves 36 months
- Pecorino cheese matured in barrels with nut leaves
- Gorgonzola matured for up to 8 months in cellars and wrapped in hay
- Handmade Pecorino di Fossa
- Mature and medium goat's cheese
- Strong Provolone cheese matured for 48 months
- Sweet smoked Caciocavallo cheese matured for 6 months
- Handmade Caciocavallo cheese
- Sheeps Ricotta scented with juniper berries
- Small Ricotta cheeses wrapped with a seasoned crust
- Cacioricotta Pecorino Sheep's cheese matured under organic ashes
- Gaudi Sheeps Cheese of Sardinia
- Strong Provolone cheese matured in clay pits
- Caciocavallo Buffalo cheese
- Caciottina Bufflo cheese wrapped in fig leaves
- Cheese from Ragusa, Sicily
- Cows' cheese "Bocconcino" parcels filled with almonds
- Mature Organic Parmesan Cheese 24 and 36 months
- Culatello di Zimbello
- Prosciutto crudo San Daniele 28 months
- Prosciutto crudo di Parma 28 months
- Coppa Piacentina di nicchia
- Hand made cut meats
- Lardo e coppa di Cinta
- Guanciale di Cinta e Guanciale nazionale
- Lardo di Colonnata e Lardo D'Arna
- Pancetta steccata di Colonnata
- Culatello di montagna
- Cold meats from the Caserta region
- Spanish Patanegra Prosciutto crudo
- Wild salmon
- Muggine Botargo
- Red tuna and high quality pickles
- Produce from Altamura
- Cold pressed Olive oils
- Rice and Lentils from Castelluccio and Tuscan Zolfino Beans
- Balsamic Vinegar
- White and Red wines from all the regions of Italy
- Setaro Pasta

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