Le Grottelle (Restaurants) Capri

Le Grottelle Restaurants Capri
Le Grottelle
Via Arco Naturale - Capri Tel. +39 081 8375719

Cooking in caves, by the Natural Arch

Le Grottelle is situated just a few steps away from the Natural Arch, a great block of rock fashioned by centuries of erosion into a gigantic monolithic archway.

Caves with a view

As its name suggests, part of Le Grottelle, including the kitchen, has been built within cave-like hollows in the rock face.
Traditional island treats are served on the terrace which enjoys sweeping views across the sea to the Amalfi Coast, Campanella point, the Galli islands and, on particularly clear days, as far as Salerno and the Calabrian mountains.

Pit-stop Pizzolungo

Le Grottelle provides the perfect venue in which to enjoy a well earned gastronomic reward at the end of the breathtakingly beautiful coastal walk which commences at Tragara Point and the Faraglioni and terminates with a 120 step climb to reach the Natural Arch.

Le Grottelle is the ideal place in which to have lunch after completing Capri's panoramic Pizzolungo walk

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