Terrazza Brunella (Restaurants) Capri

Terrazza Brunella Restaurants Capri
Terrazza Brunella
Via Tragara, 24a - Capri Tel. +39 081 8370122 ,  Fax +39 081 8370430

The terrace above the bay

Terrazza Brunella, located right on the cliff edge, on the path leading to the Tragara viewing point and the Faraglioni, boasts one of Capri's most enchanting views of the Bay of Marina Piccola.

Romance on tap

In the evenings, a particularly romantic atmosphere is created by the soft background music and the flickering lights of the small fishing boats anchored in the bay below.

Not just ravioli

Whilst traditional island treats like Capri's famous Ravioli Capresi are a permanent fixture on the menu, gourmands will want to try Terrazza Brunella's own delicious creations, prepared using the area's abundant fish and seafood.

Don't leave Capri without having tasted Terrazza Brunella's "Paccheri alla Brunella", an amazing pasta dish made with mussels, clams and scampi

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