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Beaches on Capri


Capri's beaches, from private beach clubs to free public beaches

Beaches on Capri
Beaches on Capri
Beaches on Capri
Beaches on Capri
Beaches on Capri
Beaches on Capri
Beaches on Capri
Beaches on Capri
Beaches on Capri
Beaches on Capri
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First things first: if you're looking for great stretches of soft golden sand on Italy's island of Capri, you've come to the wrong place! Here the tiny beaches are just a few square meters of pebbles and small platforms positioned between the rocks on the water's edge.

Capri's beaches are miniscule coves tucked between the cliffs with beach clubs offering loungers, umbrellas, and cafès, or public areas with rocks from which swimmers dive directly into the crystalline water.

How much does a day on one of Capri's beaches cost?

On average, the entrance fee with use of a sun lounger in one of the island's private beach clubs is EUR 20. The cost of hiring a beach umbrella is not included.

Beaches in Marina Grande

Marina Grande boasts the biggest beach on the island, right next to the harbor where the ferries dock. Despite the vicinity to the port, the water is always incredibly clean. The sun leaves the beach mid-afternoon.

The free beach is located in the vicinity of the ferry ticket offices. Boats taking passengers to the Bagni di Tiberio beach club depart from here regularly.

Beach clubs: Le Ondine | Lo Smeraldo

Palazzo a Mare

The Palazzo a Mare beach near Marina Grande and accessible only by boat, shuttle, or on foot along the small lanes surrounding the Da Paolino restaurant. It is a pebble beach with a beach club, restaurant, and small stretch of public beach to one side.

Beach club and restaurant: Bagni di Tiberio.

Beaches in Marina Piccola

The beaches in Marina Piccola are the most glamorous of all those on the island. You can easily reach the bay on foot by walking down Via Mulo (the road begins at "Due Golfi" at the end of Via Roma). The Faraglioni lie within easy swimming distance. The only downside is that the sun leaves the bay early in the afternoon. There are two public beaches, one on either side of the Siren's rock.

Beach clubs: Torre Saracena | La Canzone del Mare | Bagni Internazionali | Da Gioia | Lo Scoglio delle Sirene


From the Punta Tragara viewing point, a narrow trail leads down to the rocks at the foot of the the Faraglioni. Here there are two private beach clubs, each of which has a highly acclaimed restaurant, where you can spend a leisurely day by the sea. Don't worry about having to make the uphill return journey: both clubs operate a shuttle boat service to Marina Piccola.

Beach clubs: Da Luigi | la Fontelina

Blue Grotto

Near the Blue Grotto, there are beach clubs where you can swim and enjoy the sun until late afternoon. There's a free public area too.

Beach clubs: Gradola | il Riccio


Anacapri's lighthouse is the islanders' favorite beach. This little bay beneath the island's lighthouse is the only place to warmed by the sun from early morning until late in the afternoon, when it sets in a spectacular display of red, yellow, and pink over the water.

Beach clubs: Da Antonio | Lido del Faro

Free Public Beaches

Take a look here for some suggestions on where to go to spend the day at the beach without breaking the bank: Free Beaches on Capri

Ciro Capri Boats - Boat Tour of Capri Pick

Excursions by sea

Boat Tour of Capri

Boat tour around the island of Capri on board a traditional 7.5 meter "gozzo" boat, with a large cushioned sundeck

By Ciro Capri Boats

from € 140 From 1 to 6 passengers

(Terms and conditions)

Ciro Gargiulo


Capri Blue Boats - Rent a Lancia Caprese from Marina Piccola Pick

Excursions by sea

Rent a Lancia Caprese from Marina Piccola

A small wooden boat without skipper (Starting from 2 hours)

By Capri Blue Boats

from € 70 Up to 5 passengers

(Terms and conditions)

Raffaele Lembo


Capri Relax Boats - Half day tour (4 hours around Capri) by "Itama 38" Pick

Excursions by sea

Half day tour (4 hours around Capri) by "Itama 38"

The real luxury at an affordable price.
Live with us a unique experience on the sea of Capri.
Our "Itama 38" motor boats (12 mt), used for the excursion, are equipped with a private cabin, mini-bar, wc, large sun deck with cushions, and sofas from where to admire the coast of the island.

By Capri Relax Boats

€ 540 Per boat. Up to 9 persons.

(Terms and conditions)

Andrea Albanese

(Amministratore Unico)

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Bathing Establishments

La Fontelina

Bathing Establishments

La Fontelina

  1. Swim beneath Capri's iconic Faraglioni
  2. Bask in the sun on a soft beach mattress
  3. Sip their famed sangria
Lido del Faro

Bathing Establishments

Lido del Faro

  1. The "sunniest" beach club of Capri: enjoy the sun till the sunset
  2. A dip in the blue sea or in the swimming pool: it's your choice!
  3. A great restaurant for lunch just on the seashore
da Gelsomina Migliera

Bathing Establishments

da Gelsomina Migliera

  1. A hidden spot in the heart of Capri
  2. A swimming pool near the Migliera scenic overlook, the prettiest view on Capri
  3. Traditional island specialties in the excellent restaurant
da Gioia

Bathing Establishments

da Gioia

  1. One of the fewest beach of Capri
  2. Enjoy a relaxing and comfortable day on the beach
  3. Taste the sea specialties of the restaurant
da Antonio

Bathing Establishments

da Antonio

  1. Atmosphere like in the 50s at the "Faro di Punta Carena"
  2. Try the famous "caponata" made by Antonio
  3. Enjoy the sunset drinking a glass of wine
Bagni di Tiberio

Bathing Establishments

Bagni di Tiberio

  1. The best-beloved beach by children
  2. Swim among the ruins of an ancient Roman villa
  3. Choose between the restaurant and the snack bar for your lunch break
Torre Saracena

Bathing Establishments

Torre Saracena

  1. Swim towards the Faraglioni
  2. Sunbathe in the hidden cove
  3. Taste the fresh seafood
La Canzone del Mare

Bathing Establishments

La Canzone del Mare

  1. The favorite meeting place of protagonists of the dolce vita in Capri
  2. A jacuzzi overlooking the Faraglioni
  3. The perfect location to host a reception on the beach
da Luigi ai Faraglioni

Bathing Establishments

da Luigi ai Faraglioni

  1. Having lunch under the Faraglioni
  2. An exclusive and relaxing atmosphere
  3. A dip in the bluest sea of Capri

Insider Tips



Free Beaches on Capri

Where can you take a dip in the sea and bask in the sun on Capri for free? Here's alist of all the free public beaches on the island.

Renting a Boat on Capri: A Guide

What type of boat should I rent? With or without a skipper? How much will it cost? Here's all you need to know:


Torre Saracena €€€

Fish on the beach

Tel. +39 081 8370646

da Gioia €€

Fish, seafood and... Faraglioni!

Tel. +39 081 8377702

La Canzone del Mare €€€

Song of the sea

Tel. +39 081 8370104

Bagni di Tiberio €€

Lunch by the sea, like an Emperor

Tel. +39 081 8370703

Da Luigi ai Faraglioni €€€

The lunch of a lifetime

Tel. +39 081 8370591

Lido del Faro €€

Taste the sea, savor the sunset

Tel. +39 081 8371798

La Fontelina €€€

Fish cuisine and sangria at the foot of the Faraglioni

Tel. +39 081 8370845

Bathing Establishments

La Canzone del Mare

The historical meeting place of Capri

da Gioia

Beach club and restaurant at the Bay of Marina Piccola

Torre Saracena

Crystalline water and a view over the Faraglioni

da Antonio

The most famous "caponata" of Capri

da Luigi ai Faraglioni

Relax between the Faraglioni

Bagni di Tiberio

The beach of the Empereor

La Fontelina

Swim at the foot of the dramatic Faraglioni

Lido del Faro

A crystalline sea and the most beautiful sunset in Capri