Capri Monte Solaro: high drama

A trip to the top, to see Capri from a different point of view

Want to take the most panoramic snapshot of Capri'? This itinerary takes you to the island's highest viewing point, that of Monte Solaro.

Monte Solaro

It's the highest point of island, almost 600 meters above sea level and from where the whole of the Capri, the entire sweep of the Bay of Naples can be seen. There are two ways of reaching Monte Solaro: by chairlift or on foot.

The easy option: the chairlift which starts in Piazza Vittoria, in Anacapri. Getting to the chairlift is simple: take a bus to Anacapri from Marina Grande or Capri. When the driver calls out "Anacapri", it means you've arrived in Piazza Vittoria. Here, all you need to do is climb up the steps and you'll find the chairlift station.

Chairlift to Monte Solaro- Useful information

  • March to October: 9.30 - 17.30
  • November to February: 10.30 - 15.00
  • Prices: 10 Euro return, 7 Euro single
  • Journey time: 12 minutes

Help! I've got vertigo!

The chairlift to Monte Solaro travels at a steady, slow pace and the distance between the seats and the ground below is less than 20 meters: not exactly what you'd call a roller-coaster ride!

The alternative, for sporty types or for those who suffer from extreme vertigo, is to walk up to the summit instead. The uphill path commences from Piazza Vittoria and you can expect to take about an hour to reach the mountain top. Avoid making the climb in the hottest hours of the day and make sure you have a supply of water with you.

Insider tip

The best way to visit Monte Solaro is to take the chair lift on the way up and then come back down on foot, making a short detour to see the valley and Church of Cetrella, a tiny house of worship perched on the rocks and with a breathtaking views of Capri and the sea.

Once you're back in Anacapri you can:


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