Capri Clubs, pubs and "taverne"

Pre-dinner drinks in the Piazzetta: the perfect way to end the day and start the evening on this magical Italian island. Feel free to make your sunset aperitif a leisurely one... because it will be almost midnight before Capri's evening venues begin to buzz. The most characteristic of the island's nightspots, "taverne" are traditional meeting places where you can mingle with the locals listening to live music and dancing to classic Neapolitan songs.

Night spots in Capri

  1. Anema e Core - Via Sella Orta 39/E +39 081 8376461
  2. Il Guarracino - Via Castello 7 +39 081 8370514
  3. Number One - Via V. Emanuele 55 +39 081 8377078
  4. Number Two - Via Camerelle 1 +39 081 8377078
  5. Bye Bye Baby - Via Roma, 14 +39 081 8375065
  6. Celeste - Via Camerelle, 61/b +39 081 8376011
  7. Panta Rei Via Lo Palazzo 1 +39 081 8378898
  8. Chimaera Yacht Bar - Tourist harbor Marina Grande - +39 081 8379494

Night spots in Anacapri

  1. Lanterna Verde Via G. Orlandi, 1 +39 0818371427
  2. Red - Via Orlandi, 259 +39 081 8373605

What should I wear for a night out in Capri?

The epitome of casual chic, on the island of Capri you can feel free to dress as you please. Only in a very few restaurants (for example in those of the island's 5 star hotels) will guests be asked to observe a formal dress code. For the ladies: leave your high heels at home, stilettos are out of place (if not downright dangerous) on the island's steep cobbled streets. Follow Jackie Kennedy's example and treat your tootsies to a pair of Capri-made flat sandals instead!


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