How to get to Capri

Capri is a beautiful little island in the Bay of Naples and so, to get here, you'll need to take a boat! Ferries to Capri depart from Naples and Sorrento. In the summer months, sea crossings are also available from Positano, Amalfi, Salerno and the island of Ischia.

For much of the year, you will be not able to take your car or motorbike to Capri: non-resident vehicles are allowed to circulate on the island from November to the first week before Easter only. In any case, a car is of very little use here: there is just one carriageway on the whole island and public transport is excellent.

Where to park your car on the mainland

In Naples
Parcheggio Buono, Molo Beverello +39 335 499658
Parcheggio Brin, Via Marina (from the car park take the bus or a taxi to the port) +39 081 7632855
In Sorrento
Garage Marina Piccola +39 081 8781306
Parcheggio Correale (from the crapark take a bus or taxi to the port) Tel. +39 081 8773022
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During the summer months connections are also available from Positano, Ischia, Salerno e Castellammare.
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Private car transfers from Rome and Naples airports.
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Motorboat transfers from Naples, Sorrento and other destinations around the Bay of Naples. Motorboat transfers

Helicopter transfers from Rome, Naples and other Italian cities. Helicopter service - transfers

How to arrive on the Island of Capri from Rome

Getting to Capri from Rome will take at least three hours. You only have to miss a connection, and the journey will take considerably longer. If you are due to arrive in Rome in the late afternoon, it's well worth considering spending the night either in the Italian capital or in the city of Naples and heading on to Capri the next morning.

From Rome Fiumicino Airport: take a bus to the Roma Termini railway station and from here take the train to Naples.

There are different types of train:

  • Eurostar Freccia Rossa (TAV): this is the fastest train, taking just over an hour to reach Naples from Rome. Tickets cost circa 40.00 euro.
  • Intercity: take about two hours to reach Naples from Rome. Tickets cost circa 20.00 Euro.
  • Interegional: it may be the cheapest option (tickets cost about 10 euro), but it's also the longest: it will take you 4 hours to get to Naples from Rome.

From Rome Ciampino Airport: take a bus to Rome's Roma Termini railway station and, from here, a train to Naples.

How to arrive on the Island of Capri from Naples

Naples has two ports from where to catch ferries to Capri: Molo Beverello and Calata di Massa. Molo Beverello is situated directly opposite the city's Maschio Angioino castle. Calata di Massa lies just slightly to the East (i.e. to your left when you face the sea).

High speed ferries depart from Molo Beverello, regular and slow ferries depart from Calata di Massa. Vehicles are transported by regular or slow ferry only. The journey by regular or slow ferry is slower and less expensive than the journey by high speed ferry. Times and prices change frequently: consult the web the day before you plan to sail or contact the navigational companies, especially if the weather is bad! (when the sea is rough, high speed ferry services are usually suspended and you will need to travel by regular or slow ferry).

What if I feel seasick?!

If you travel in summertime, when the sea in the Bay of Naples is generally incredibly calm, you are unlikely to suffer from seasickness.

In any case, here are some tried and tested tips to combat wave-induced nausea

  • Take a regular or slow ferry rather than a high speed ferry.
  • Sit to the back of the boat.
  • Avoid looking out of the window and perhaps listen to a bit of music.

How to get to Molo Beverello from Naples' Capodichino Airport

Bus - Just outside the terminal building, you'll find the Alibus, the coach which will take you to the center of Naples. Get off at Piazza Municipio, a three minute walk from the port of Molo Beverello. Tickets cost 3 euro and can be purchased direct from the driver.

Taxi: the taxi stand is located outside Terminal 1. Ask the driver to apply the fixed rate to the port (approximately 20.00 euro). Avoid anybody offering taxi services inside the airport: we guarantee they will not be licensed taxi drivers.

How to get to Molo Beverello from Naples' train station

Take a taxi! Although buses and trams run regularly from the train station to the port, they are always extremely crowded and there is no way of knowing when to get off. In addition, you will need to cross the entire piazza to reach the bus stop. The fixed taxi fare to the port is about 10.00 euro.

How long does the journey from Naples –to Capri take?

  • Slow ferry: 80 minutes.
  • Regular ferry: 50 minutes
  • High speed ferry: 40 minutes

Transfer service

The easiest way to get to your hotel!

Train, taxi, ferry, funicular... the journey to Capri, especially if you're travelling to Italy by plane and your flight lands in Rome, is not the simplest or the most relaxing!
Want your journey to Capri to be a stress-free one? Book a transfer!
The classic transfer to Capri includes private car from the airport to the port of Naples, a private boat to Capri, and a taxi from the port of Capri to your hotel. Alternatively, you can request a helicopter transfer, and fly from the airport straight to the island. If you are travelling in a group, a private transfer may well be the most economic option too: the cost of train, boat and funicular tickets for four or more people can easily exceed that of a transfer!

Arriving by helicopter

  • Sam Elicotteri Capri

The fastest most comfortable, and the most scenic way of getting to Capri is by helicopter. A helicopter service between Capri and Italy's main citys is run by Sam Elicotteri. This service also operates to all the principle destinations in the area and to Sicily and Sardinia. Helicopter flights from Naples to Capri take about 20 minutes and land at Damecuta in Anacapri. Many hotels are happy to arrange Naples to Capri by helicopter flights and car transfers.

How to arrive on the Island of Capri from Sorrento

Ferries depart from Sorrento's Marina Piccola port on a regular basis. The journey takes less than 30 minutes and crossings are frequent, especially so in the summer season. You can catch a bus to the port from the center of Sorrento, or make your way on foot, walking down the steps which start in Piazza Tasso.

Top tip

High speed ferries from Sorrento to Capri sail along one of the most beautiful stretches of coast imaginable: sit on the left-hand side of the boat to get the best views!

And when I get to Capri?

When you get to Capri, the very first thing we suggest you do is to hand your luggage to one of the porters waiting on the docks.

If your hotel is in Capri, your best bet is to give your bags to a porter, who will make sure they are delivered direct to your room. The service costs from 5 to 12 euro per item (depending on the location of your hotel). This might seem expensive, but the alternative (that of dragging your suitcases along the steep cobbled lanes of Capri) is not exactly the most relaxing way to start your holiday on the island...

To reach the Piazzetta, take the funicular railway train (situated directly opposite the docks) or one of Capri's famous open-top taxi cabs. The taxi ride from the port to the Piazzetta will set you back around about 15.00 euro.

If your hotel is in Anacapri, keep your bags with you and take a taxi. The taxi ride from Marina Grande to Anacapri will minimum 25.00 euro, plus eventual supplements for luggage. Alternatively, catch the bus direct to Anacapri which departs from the bus stop close to the hydrofoil ticket offices. Buses leave every 30-45 minutes and you may find it quicker to take the funicular train to Capri, and from here catch a bus to Anacapri. This said, the majority of hotels in Anacapri now provide a free (or very reasonably priced) shuttle service for guests on arrival: ask your hotel for details.

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