There are two towns on the island of Capri: Capri and Anacapri. Anacapri is located in the highest part of the island, at the foot of Monte Solaro. About 7 thousand people live here.

Anacapri is the perfect place for you if

  • You want to escape the crowds and experience the wilder side of the island
  • You're more interested in trekking and tranquility than fashion and nightlife
  • You want to stay overnight on the island, without spending an arm ...and a leg!

Whats more, Anacapri is home to some of the island's most important tourist attractions: The Grotta Azzurra, Villa San Michele, the chairlift to Monte Solaro

Anacapri is saturated with the colors, scents and light of the Mediterranean. Despite the arrival of tourism, life in the town continues very much as before. Hidden among the houses there are neat little gardens surrounded by rare plants. As you walk through the center of Anacapri, you'll come across the workshops of a traditional Neapolitan tailor and an expert shoemaker, and see the women busy knitting as they chatter and sing old songs.

(il Giornale)

What are the differences between Capri and Anacapri?

  • The town of Anacapri is much quieter
  • Anacapri's hotels and restaurants tend to be less expensive
  • The nightlife in Anacapri is a lot less lively
  • Anacapri doesn't have "beaches" but, rather, water edge platforms on the rocks
  • Anacapri has fewer designer fashion stores and more craft shops instead

Passing secluded houses and intensely cultivated vineyards and gardens wedged into the hillside, we were soon out of sight and sound of the town, surrounded only by lemon trees, tiny sunbathing lizards and bees humming among the fragrant flowering bushes.

(New York Times)

How far is Anacapri from Capri?

Anacapri is just 3 kilometers from Capri, to which it is linked by a narrow road which winds its way down the cliffs in a series of hairpin bends. Buses run every 15 minutes. Tickets cost 1.80 euro. The journey takes about 10 minutes. For more detailed information see

After a quick burst of life in Capri, make your way back up to peaceful Anacapri, where to stroll through the quiet, semi-lit streets of the town; sit and chat on the ceramic benches in front of Santa Sofia; dine with friends in gardens brimming with geraniums and olive trees; and experience the Capri of yesteryear.

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