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Capri: the name itself evokes images of Mediterranean living, relaxation, luxury, and just a bit of untamed folly. Since ancient Roman times, Capri island has been a place for enjoying all the best the Mediterranean has to offer: sea views, blue waters, boat tours, beach clubs, fine dining (including Michelin-starred restaurants), and so much more. Being such a spectacular place to visit, the island of Capri naturally became a destination for visitors ranging from kings to rock stars, from film stars to poets.

Capri has been the luxe capital of the Mediterranean since Emperor Tiberius built his first pleasure palace on the island two millennia ago. From summer retreat of ancient Romans to hotspot for Hollywood superstars, the allure of this exclusive island has remained unchanged. Year after year, mega-yachts anchor off the Faraglioni, villas host unforgettable parties, and Hollywood stars eat spaghetti con le vongole at tables perched along scenic rock formations, upon natural terraces overlooking the Bay of Naples.

Enjoy the allure of Capri with our curated selection of the most luxurious hotels, private boats, restaurants, beach clubs, and inspiration for incredible once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Visit just once, or stay forever: the most important thing is that it’s only the best.

In the name of refinement and elegance, here we offer you a memorable journey through the most exclusive highlights on Capri island.

Experience the essence of Capri luxury

Nestled in the blue waters of the Bay of Naples, the island of Capri is the ideal destination for those seeking a luxury travel experience that only Italy can offer. With its sea views, hidden coves, and spectacular rock formations, the island is a picture of Mediterranean natural beauty.

Your trip to Capri: how to reach the island

Your trip to the island begins in Naples or Sorrento, where a ferry will take you to Marina Grande, the island’s main port.
If you prefer more privacy, comfort, and luxury, book a private transfer to take you from the airport to your hotel or villa.
This private transfer service includes pick up directly from the airport or train station, transport by car or minivan, travel by private luxury boat or helicopter, a taxi in Capri, and luggage transport.

Staying on Capri: a mix of luxury and natural beauty

There is a wide choice of luxury hotels on the island, each with its own flair and style. Many of these hotels are overlooking the sea and offer impeccable luxury services, from refined dining to spa treatments to suites with breathtaking views. The luxury villas of Capri, famous for their elegance and spectacular views of the sea, make for a unique experience for your stay, perfectly blending comfort and the beauty of the landscape.

Exclusive beach clubs

The island of Capri is renowned for its exclusive beach clubs, each with its own personality. Some have swimming pools in addition to private beaches, and some are connected to luxury or boutique hotels with gourmet restaurants.
It's the perfect mix of relaxation, haute cuisine, and natural beauty.

Enjoy Capri: the culinary scene

Capri boasts a high-level culinary scene, with gourmet restaurants offering traditional Italian dishes revisited with creativity and skill.
You’ll have the opportunity to dine in these excellent restaurants, including some that have been awarded Michelin-star ratings, where talented chefs combine classic Italian culinary traditions with modern creative twists. This is your chance to discover the most scenic restaurants on the island, where your gourmet experience is enhanced by sea views and natural beauty, making every meal a complete sensory journey.

Unique experiences

Capri offers many exclusive experiences and plenty of luxury inspiration. Personalized tours, private boat trips, high-fashion shopping on Via Camerelle, sunset aperitifs in the famous Piazzetta in Capri town, wellness treatments in exclusive spas, and lively social events all join to make every moment on Capri a chance to indulge in absolute luxury.

Sailing around Capri

An inimitable experience is sailing around the island of Capri, perhaps up to the Amalfi Coast, on a luxury yacht or a traditional local boat such as a wooden gozzo.
Admire the breathtaking beauty of the Faraglioni seen from Marina Piccola, the cliffs overlooking the sea, and the sea coves.

Natural beauty and historical sites

Capri offers unparalleled natural beauty and treasures that tell stories of a bygone time.
The Amalfi Coast unfolds on the horizon with its delightful gems such as Positano, welcoming visitors for a colorful local encounter.
Take in nature’s wonders, such as the Blue Grotto; cultural attractions such as Villa San Michele and the ruins of the villa commissioned by Emperor Tiberius; and off-the-beaten path places such as the quaint streets of Anacapri on your journey of discovery.
Capri is an island where history, nature, and culture come together in a warm and unforgettable embrace.

Immerse yourself in Capri nightlife

Nightlife in Capri takes you to another world, one that includes private celebrations in stately palaces, on sumptuous yachts, and in exclusive venues such as the renowned Taverna Anema e Core, which always attracts famous faces.

Personal concierge service

Booking in advance is essential for getting the best selection of amenities and experiences. To make things even more seamless, you can rely on the services of an expert concierge on the island of Capri.
Why not let a passionate professional take charge of your journey?
A local expert concierge can organize all the details for you, so you don't have to worry about a thing.
Let yourself be pampered by those who love their profession and are dedicated to creating a travel experience that’s second to none.

Luxury on the Amalfi Coast

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is Capri in Italy known for?

Capri Island is well-known for the Blue Grotto, the Faraglioni and other natural beauties, but above all for the "Dolce Vita" atmosphere, with the cafés in the Piazzetta, the boutiques in via Camerelle and the luxury hotels.

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