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The myth of Capri—its sea-toned beach clubs, elegant traditions, and Mediterranean cliffside restaurants—is decades old, yet it is timeless and never goes out of style.

The island's charm, with its delightfully retro yet contemporary and luxurious seaside resorts, never grows old, and it's certainly easy to see why.

From Jackie Kennedy and Brigitte Bardot to JLo and Beyoncé

Visiting one of the Capri "lidos" means immersing yourself in the atmosphere that has made the island so well-known and beloved by personalities from the world of entertainment, fashion, and culture since the years of the Dolce Vita.
It means magically finding yourself in a photo of Slim Aarons or in a film with Mastroianni, savoring the inimitable flavor of Capri: chic and rustic, refined and wild, so exclusive yet informal.

Get to know the historic families of Capri
Oftentimes crossing the threshold of a beach club also means meeting some of the historic Capri families who have been managing these small oases of style and relaxation for several decades, all with love and a truly inimitable sense of hospitality.

Slow-paced luxury

In short, spending a day at one of the most exclusive beach clubs on Capri is an authentic experience not to be missed.
Together with evenings in the Piazzetta, this is a true must for those who land on the most fascinating island in the Mediterranean in search of social life or privacy, exciting encounters or new gourmet adventures.
Elegant and historic Capri beach clubs that line the entire 360-degree coastline of the island, from the lively Marina Piccola to the iconic Faraglioni, passing through the reserved Anacapri with its lighthouse and the Blue Grotto. You can choose from venues with a vintage or contemporary vibe, indulging yourself with a taste of absolute freedom while experiencing true luxury the slow-paced luxury and simplicity.

Nothing else like it in the world

The beach clubs on Capri are simply unique, just like the island that hosts them.
Forget the beach clubs you've been to in other parts of the world. On Capri, the sunbeds are arranged between the limestone rocks, on platforms sprayed by the waves or perhaps directly on the rocks themselves.

Sometimes you'll find yourself on small pebble beaches dotted with Mediterranean flora and lapped by the turquoise water of the Gulf of Naples.
If you wish, you can comfortably take a boat to reach your location on the Mediterranean shores and enjoy your cocktail surrounded, quite literally, by the sea of Capri!

Divine cuisine just steps from the sea

Between sunset aperitifs, healthy light lunches, and Michelin-starred dinners, Capri's many beachfront restaurants represent a true culinary journey within a journey.
A combination of international dishes and regional Campania recipes brings a unique twist that is often alone worth a trip to the island or a yacht cruise around its coastline.
For the most exclusive locations booking is a must, and in high season you can only get a table by making reservations well in advance or by booking a table for several consecutive days.
Usually you can decide if you'd like to stop just to eat at the restaurant or also enjoy a few hours of relaxation on a sun lounger at the beach club, as well as whether to add a private boat tour or be accompanied by motorboat from the port of Marina Grande directly to your personal umbrella on the beach.
Browse the entire selection of restaurants offering gourmet cuisine in elegant settings with breathtaking views by reading this article: gourmet experiences to try in Capri.

Beach clubs around Marina Piccola and the Faraglioni

Not far from the Faraglioni is the scenic bay of Marina Piccola, an area that's popular with the jetset and the island's frequent visitors, and here you'll find Capri's most historic beach clubs.

Da Gioia

Da Gioia is the beach club at Hotel La Palma and is also open to non-hotel guests. It offers a breathtaking view of the bay of Marina Piccola and the Faraglioni. This club is easily accessible both by sea and land, and guests get exclusive access to its private pebble beach. There's also a gourmet restaurant offering delicious dishes prepared with fresh local ingredients.

La Canzone del Mare

La Canzone del Mare (The Song of the Sea) is one of the iconic places that played a key role in forming the island's mythical international reputation. This is where the 1950s Dolce Vita was in full swing, and nowadays you can still experience that atmosphere at this beach club's swimming pools, solariums, scenic terraces, restaurant, and private beach.

Torre Saracena

In the same area, set in a spectacular natural setting, is the Torre Saracena beach club. It boasts an excellent restaurant and a historic structure that has remained unchanged since 1906.

Da Luigi ai Faraglioni

Just steps from the most famous rocks on the island is Da Luigi ai Faraglioni beach club, where you can spend a day at the beach right at the foot of the most famously photographed rocks of Capri. This beach club also has a private dock connecting it with the Canzone del Mare, which is managed by the same family.

La Fontelina

The renowned restaurant at La Fontelina beach club is "the" location for an exclusive lunch with a view of the legendary

Faraglioni. In the summer, however, you need to reserve a table well in advance, or book it for several consecutive days.

The perfect sunset: Lido Faro

Take in the island's most spectacular sunset at the Lido del Faro beach club, on the western end of Anacapri. Here, in the summer months, you can sunbathe until late afternoon and toast the sunset with your favorite drink, dancing as if tomorrow will never come.

Beach Club a Marina Grande

Bagni Tiberio
The Bagni di Tiberio beach club is one of a kind, located near an ancient Roman villa. For decades the De Martino family has managed this corner of Capri, serving historic family recipes at their restaurant above the sea.

Michelin-starred dishes with a view

Il Riccio
Il Riccio restaurant is located in Anacapri, just a stone's throw from the Blue Grotto. This historic island venue was recently renovated with care by the Capri Palace Hotel & Spa. Sample Michelin-starred cuisine surrounded by fine furnishings in the island colors of blue and white with majolica ceramic tiles from Vietri and exclusive works by artists such as Paolo Sandulli and Rosario Remino. In short: this is the best of the best.

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Capri Luxury Inspiration
We searched the island of Capri for its most precious hidden gems.
Boats, exclusive restaurants, luxurious hotels and unforgettable adventures, all carefully selected.
Browse the entire collection: Capri Luxury Inspiration

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