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Where exactly is Capri?
The island of Capri is situated in the Bay of Naples, in the South of Italy, just a few sea miles away from Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast
How big is the island of Capri?
The island measures 10sq. km
What are the main towns called?
The island is divided in to two 'comune':Capri and Anacapri. The town of Capri develops around the Piazzetta, about 150 meters above sea level. Anacapri lies higher up, some 275 meters above sea level. Two districts of Capri are located on the waters edge: Marina Grande (where the hydrofoils dock) and Marina Piccola (on the opposite side of the island from the port, and where the Faraglioni are situated).
Where is the best place to find a hotel? Capri or Anacapri?
It really depends what you want from your holiday on the island. If you love shopping and nightlife, you'll want to book a hotel in Capri. If you like the idea of peace, quiet and country walks, a hotel in Anacapri is your best bet. To find out more about Anacapri, take a look at this page.
What's the best time of year to visit Capri?
We suggest travelers visit Capri in the spring; when the temperature is mild, the flowers are in full bloom and the tourist crowds have yet to descend on the island. In the summer, as many as 20 thousand people can arrive on the island in just one day. That's a lot of people for an island as small as Capri. This said, the majority of these visitors are day trippers meaning that, in the evenings, the island is always significantly less crowded. September and October are great months to visit Capri too.
Is there any point coming to Capri in the winter?
In the winter months, Capri returns to being the peaceful little island it used to be, before mass tourism discovered it. It's never particularly cold but chances of meeting rain are higher. Although most hotels close in the winter, a number of the island's B&Bs stay open all year round.
How much time will I need to visit the whole of Capri?
More than somewhere to 'visit', for us, Capri is somewhere to 'experience'... at leisure. For this reason, we suggest you avoid coming for just a few hours and wait until you can come for at least 3 if not 4 days. If you really can only come for one day, have a look at our itinerary the island in a day.
What's the weather like in Capri?
Capri enjoys a mild and typically Mediterranean climate. In the summer, average temperatures range between 22 and 26 degrees, in the winter between 9 and 13.
Are credit cards accepted and are there cash dispensers?
Major credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. You'll find cash dispensers next to the banks.


How to Get Here

What's the nearest airport to Capri?
Naples Capodichino. Having landed, take a bus or taxi and, in just 30 minutes, you'll be in Piazza Municipio - close to the docks from where the boats depart for Capri. If you land in Rome, you'll need at least three hours to reach the port of Naples.
Where do I get the boat to Capri?
Boats for Capri leave from the ports of Naples and Sorrento. There are two docks in Naples: Molo Beverello, for hydrofoils, and Calata di Massa, for ferries. In the summer, boats sail to Capri from Ischia and Positano too.
What's the difference between a hydrofoil, fast ferry and ferry?
Hydrofoils are the fastest option, ferries the slowest. Ferries and fast ferries transport cars as well as foot passengers and sail even when the weather is bad. Hydrofoil services will be suspended when the sea is rough.
Do I need to book my tickets?
No, you can purchase them direct from the ticket office a few minutes before departure. The only time you might have to queue for some time before boarding is in the height of summer or on holiday weekends, when it is a good idea to get to the port at least 30 minutes before your boat is scheduled to leave.
How long does the boat journey to Capri take?
From Naples about an hour, from Sorrento 30 minutes.
What happens when the sea is rough?
When the sea is rough, hydrofoil crossings are usually suspended. Ferries and fast ferries will sail on even the roughest of seas. It is extremely rare that all crossings are cancelled, and when this occurs, it's almost always in winter. You can check sea conditions and departure times with the individual navigational companies or with Capri's Tourist Office (+39 081 8370686).
Can I bring my car to Capri?
Non resident vehicles are allowed on the island from November to March only (excluding the Christmas and New Year period). In any case, we strongly advise you not to bring your car to Capri: almost the whole of the island is closed to traffic, there are very few car parks, and public transport is excellent.
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Getting around the island

How do I get from the port of Marina Grande to the center of Capri?
The quickest and easiest way is by Capri's funicular train. The train departs every 15 minutes, more often in rush hour. The ticket office is located to the right of the dock where the hydrofoils come in.
Which buslines are there in Capri?
  • Capri - Anacapri
  • Capri - Marina Piccola
  • Capri - San Costanzo (Marina Grande)
  • Anacapri - Grotta Azzurra
  • Anacapri - Faro

The journey from Capri to Anacapri takes about 10 minutes. Buses leave every 15 minutes (more frequently in high season). You can buy tickets for the bus and funicular train from the ticket office in the port and at the main bus terminals. Bus tickets can also be purchased direct from the driver.

Where can I find a taxi on Capri?
Taxis wait in Marina Grande, near to the Piazzetta, in Marina Piccola and in Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri. The island's taxis are often open-top models and have 7 seats. You can get a taxi anywhere on the island by phoning Radiotaxi: + 39 081 8371414.
Can I rent a car on Capri?
No, there are no car rental companies on the island. What you can do is rent a scooter.
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Sleeping on the island of Capri

How far in advance do I need to book my hotel on the island of Capri?
If you plan to stay in peak summer, its a good idea to book two or three months in advance, the same goes for the Easter holidays. Our booking engine allows you to check availability in the majority of Capri's hotels.
Does Capri have any economic hotels?
Let's put it this way: some hotels are less expensive than others :) Capri's hotels frequently offer special rates, during low season and on weekdays.
Do Capri's hotels stay open all year?
Most hotels are open from late March/early April until the start of November. Some reopen for New Year. During the winter, you can stay in one of the island's B&Bs.
Is there internet connectivity on Capri?
Free Wi-Fi spots are far and few between... The majority of hotels have Wi-Fi and an internet point. If it's not specified on the hotel's web site, check what kind of connection is available and the eventual costs of the service before you arrive.
Will my dog be allowed on the hydrofoil or ferry?
Yes, dogs on a lead and wearing a muzzle are allowed on both types of boat. A number of hotels will accept pet animals, especially if they are small.
Is there a baggage deposit in Capri?
Yes, there's one in Marina Grande, in the souvenir shop directly opposite the docks. Check the opening hours before you leave your belongings there!


Things to do on Capri

How much does a dinner for two cost on Capri
On average, a starter,first or second course, dessert and a bottle of wine will cost you about 50 euro per person (it might easily cost you more, and is unlikely to cost you less).
How much does a coffee in the Piazzetta cost?
A coffee served at a table in Capri's Piazzetta will cost between 4 and 5 euro. If you drink it stood at the bar it will cost you 1 euro.
Are there any economic restaurants in Capri?
If you eat in one of Anacapri's restaurants (not the Michelin-starred one, of course!) you'll probably spend a bit less. The best option if you're watching the euros is to have a simple pizza.
Which local specialties should I definitely try?
As their names suggest, the most famous local dishes are the ravioli capresi, insalata caprese and torta caprese. Ravioli capresi are little envelopes of pasta filled with cheese and marjoram, usaully served in a tomato sauce. Insalata caprese is a salad of sliced mozzarella, tomato and basil. Torta caprese is a chocolate and almond cake served with a generous sprinkling of icing sugar. Make sure you try the island's limoncello too: a sweet liqueur made with Capri's lemons.
Are there any discos on Capri?
Capri's nightlife vibrates around the island's taverne: little clubs where locals and tourists come to dance, sing and listen to live music. The most famous is Anema e Core, located within steps of the Piazzetta.
How should I dress in Capri?
On Capri you can dress exactly the way you want to - although please remember that walking around the town bare-chested is not allowed! For the ladies: the island's steep cobbled streets make high-heeled shoes a definite "no" - wear a pair of Capri's super-chic, flat, handmade sandals instead. Even if you visit in the height of summer, you might need a jacket or pullover in the evening.
What should I wear for a night out in Capri?
Capri maybe chic but it's incredibly casual too. In the evening, a few of the most exclusive restaurants require that male customers wear trousers and not shorts.
Can I get married on Capri?
Only civil and non-Catholic marriages can be celebrated between non-Italian nationals on the island of Capri. Protestant marriage services are performed in the island's Anglican Church.


A holiday on Capri with the kids

Does Capri have any beaches suitable for small children?
Capri has 3 pebble beaches:Marina Grande, Marina Piccola and Bagni di Tiberio (you can reach the last by shuttle boat from Marina Grande). The rest of the island's 'beaches' are comprised of sea edge platforms built into the rocks, from where you can access the water via little iron ladders or by diving off the cliffs.
Are there any children's playing areas on the island?
Near to the Piazzetta there's a small public park known locally as the "Giardinetti", where the island children come to play in the afternoon. In any case, given that most of the island is pedestrian, walking with little ones here is extremely safe.
Will I be able to get a babysitter?
On request, most hotels will provide a baby sitting service: just let them know in advance.


Off the Island

I'm staying on Capri, what other places can I see while I'm here?
Great day trips from Capri include the city of Naples and the historic seaside resort of Sorrento, both just a quick hydrofoil ride away, the famous archeological site of Pompei (on the Vesuviana train line from Sorrento), Positano, and the island of Ischia.

Capri: Tourist Information offices

Useful addresses
  • CAPRI - Piazza Umberto I - Tel.+39 081 8370686
  • MARINA GRANDE - Banchina del Porto - Tel.+39 081 8370634
  • ANACAPRI - Via G. Orlandi, 59 - Tel. +39 081 8371524

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