Capri Tour of the island


You haven't really seen Capri until you've seen it from the sea.

You haven't seen Capri until you've seen it from the sea, and discovered all of the island's magical sea caves and secluded beaches.

If you want to sail around the island you have 2 options:

  • Join an organized tour (duration 2hrs circa, cost about 15 euro)
  • Rent a boat, with or without crew

You'll find a number of boat companies organizing tours and rentals, in Marina Grande

An organized tour is ideal if you have limited time to spare (it's a favorite with day trippers, for example). If you have a little more time (and money) at your disposal, there's nothing quite like a leisurely cruise around Capri by private boat.

Things you'll see on the classic tour of the island

After the tour around the island of Capri why not sail across the sea to the Amalfi Coast, stopping off to have lunch in one of the area's famous sea edge restaurants or to go shopping in the boutiques of Amalfi and Positano?

Our insider tip

If you come to Capri in the peak summer months, to best enjoy your trip around the island, avoid the middle of the day and set off either first thing in the morning or in the late afternoon. In high season there are lots of boats sailing in the waters surrounding Capri and if you decide to rent a boat we strongly suggest you enlist the services of an expert crew too!

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