Boat Rentals Without Skipper

All the boats on Capri you can navigate on your own

Boat Rentals Without Skipper

Here you'll find all the options for boat rental without a nautical license on Capri, Positano, and Sorrento. Gozzo boats, rubber dinghies, and fiberglass boats you can pilot yourself.
Boating licenses are only required for crafts with engines of 40 hp and above.
We recommend renting a boat without a skipper only if you have experience at sea!
Boat rentals are very popular in July and August, so book your boat well in advance or you may not find availability.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What type of boat can I rent without a boating license?

Small boats with engines under 40 cc can be rented without a boating license. These include rubber dinghies, small fiberglass boats, and wooden gozzo boats. You can rent a boat from the ports in Marina Grande and Marina Piccola; if you don’t have a lot of experience at sea, opt to set sail from the quieter Marina Piccola. We do not suggest attempting the crossing between Capri and Sorrento, Positano, Nerano, Naples, or Ischia with a rental boat without a skipper unless you have significant experience at sea as the Bay of Naples is a busy port and the water can often be choppy.

Where can I go on my own with a rental boat around Capri?

For safety reasons, rental boats on Capri must stay near the coast of the island. The crossing between Capri and the Sorrentine Peninsula/Amalfi Coast can be dangerous for those who do not have experience navigating in the open sea, especially in the afternoon when the water tends to get choppy. If you stay near the coastline of Capri, you can admire the White Grotto, Natural Arch, Villa Malaparte, and Via Krupp from the water, pass beneath the Faraglioni, round the Punta Carena lighthouse, and stop to swim in the most beautiful coves.

Where are the best spots to stop for a swim?

Just past Marina Piccola but before you reach the lighthouse, there is a tiny cove with the remains of an ancient Roman port where there is a tiny beach. This delightful corner is perfect for a swim, but don't sunbathe on the beach as falling rocks pose a hazard. Further along the coast, the Green Grotto offers emerald-hued water for a dip s and you can swim the length of the cave and come out the opposite side. Right after the Punta Carena lighthouse, Limmo Bay is another ideal swimming spot.

Can I visit the Blue Grotto with a rental boat?

Yes, you can moor at the buoys near the entrance of the Blue Grotto and wait for a rowboat to come pick you up and take you into the cave itself, first passing by the floating ticket office. Keep in mind that there can be a long wait if there are numerous boats.