Capri Getting around

How do you get around and about the island of Capri? There are three principal forms of transport: bus, funicular railway and... legs!
Pop a comfortable pair of shoes into your bag: almost the whole of Capri is closed to traffic and walking is invariably the best way to get from one place to another.

Best ways to get around:

  • Port of Marina Grande - Capri:funicular railway
  • Capri - Anacapri: bus
  • Capri and Anacapri town centers: on foot


Forget the car: from mid March to early November only residential cars and motorbikes are allowed to circulate on the island. In any case, a car is of little use on Capri, where the majority of roads are closed to traffic and there are very few places to park.
Public transport on the island is extremely efficient and taxis are available 24hrs a day.

Where can I leave my car?

  • Naples port: Buono car park. Tel. +39 335 499658
  • Sorrento port:Marina Piccola car park. Tel. +39.081 8781306

Funicular railway

By far the quickest way to travel to the center of Capri from the port of Marina Grande is by the island's funicular. a little train which makes its way up to the Piazzetta through the island's lemon gardens in just 3 minutes.

Funicular Marina Grande - Capri

  • Departures: every 15 minutes (more frequently in rush hour and high season).
  • Journey time: 3 minutes.
  • Price of a single ticket: 1,80 €
  • Current funicular train times

The ticket office is located to the right of the arrival dock, next to the hydrofoil ticket offices. Small sized dogs are allowed on board. You'll need to purchase an additional ticket if you are travelling with large items of luggage.
Between January and March the funicular railway closes for maintenance work. In these months the funicular train is substituted by a bus service.


Don't expect a regular-sized city bus: on Capri, you'll travel aboard a minibus with only a dozen or so seats in each. Anything bigger would have serious difficulty making its way along the island's narrow roads! In the summer, buses are usually crowded and, at times, you might have to queue for some time. Fortunately, buses are frequent.

Ticket prices

  • Single ticket: 1,80 €
  • Hourly ticket: 2,70 €
  • Daily ticket: 8,60 €

Bus lines and journey times

Buses run every 15/20 minutes, more frequently in high season

The bus terminal in Capri is situated in Piazza Martiri d'Ungheria (on Via Roma, close to the Piazzetta) Anacapri's bus terminal is located in Piazza della Pace (often referred to as "Piazza Cimitaro "). If you're travelling from Capri to the Grotta Azzurra or Faro you'll need to change buses in "Anacapri ". Don't get off when the driver calls out "Anacapri", rather wait for the next stop.

A tip from the team

If you want to catch a bus to Capri from Anacapri and there's already a long queue at the stop in Piazza Vittoria, walk back along Viale De Tommaso and wait for the bus at the previous stop: that way you can be sure to board the first bus that arrives!

What if I want to walk?

If you're happy to walk, you can get almost everywhere on foot, without having to take a single funicular train or bus.

On summer days in particular, when the queues for buses are at their longest, walking is a great idea, especially when you consider that from every road or path on the island of Capri, the views are quite spectacular!

Journey times...for those travelling on foot

  • Capri - Anacapri: 1 hour - N.B: the road is uphill all the way!
  • Anacapri - Capri: 30 mins - Keep your eyes peeled, there are often steps which allow you to cut the corners!
  • Capri - Marina Grande: 15 minutes or less, the path starts in the Piazzetta, behind the bell tower, follow indications for the port.
  • Marina Grande - Capri: 45 minutes - Take the little lane which commences opposite the "banchinella", where ferries and hydrofoils dock.
  • Capri - Marina Piccola: it's really not worth taking the bus - walk down the spectacular via Krupp instead!, 15 minutes (20-25 minutes for the uphill return).


Taxis wait for passengers at the port and a number of other key locations, but they can also be hailed along the road or booked by phone. Capri's taxi drivers are generally extremely courteous and helpful and, for those eager to see the sights but with little time at their disposal, make great improvised tourist guides as well.

Capri's taxi cabs are often open top models (for the ladies: wear a headscarf and a pair of sunglasses and travel the island 'diva style'!). Taxi fares are established by the taxometer. For longer journeys, a fixed rate is often applied. For tours of the island, you will need to agree a price with the driver, based on the season, and the itinerary and duration of the journey.

How much do taxis cost on Capri?

The journey from the port to the center of Capri will cost about 20 euro, luggage included. Capri's taxis can accommodate up to 6 passengers. If you're traveling in a group it can work out cheaper to take a cab, rather than the bus. Average taxi fares are listed here below:

Need a taxi?

  • Taxi Anacapri, Piazza Vittoria - Tel. +39 081 8371175
  • Taxi Capri, Piazza Martiri D'Ungheria - Tel. +39 081 8376657


You can hire a scooter in the port of Marina Grande, in Capri and in Anacapri. Rental times vary from a couple of hours to a whole day or more. The longer the period you intend to hire the bike, the greater your bargaining power will be!

Monte Solaro chairlift

Pull down the safety bar and get ready to enjoy the ride: 12 unforgettable minutes floating through the air from Anacapri's Piazza Vittoria to the summit of Monte Solaro, 589 meters above sea level. From the top of the island's mountain, fabulous views of the historic center or Capri, the Faraglioni, Mount Tiberius and, across the water on the Italian mainland, Punta Campanella and the Sorrentine peninsula, can be seen.

Chairlift Monte Solaro opening hours

  • From March to October: 09.30 - 17.30
  • From November to February: 10.30 - 15.00
  • Prices: 10 € return, 7 € single

We suggest you buy a one way ticket and make the return journey on foot, via the valley of Cetrella, the site of what was once the writer Compton Mackenzie's home, and of the panoramic, cliff edge hermitage of Santa Maria a Cetrella.

By sea

If you want to see Capri from the sea, you can hire a canoe, dinghy, traditional Sorrentine gozzo, or a motor yacht, with or without crew. Boat trips might easily include a meal at one of the island's water edge restaurants or a delicious onboard picnic, of panini, mozzarella and Capri's succulent, sun ripened tomatoes.

A much less expensive option to hiring a private boat, is that of joining an organized tour. Trips around the island last approximately two hours, including the visit to the Grotta Azzurra. Visits to the famous sea cave are made on small rowing boats. Given that only a few boats are allowed to access the cave at any one time, the time it takes to enter will depend on the number of tourists waiting.

If you sail to Capri aboard your own boat, you can moor at the Marina Grande tourist port. Those choosing to anchor off shore should do so at least 300 meters from the coastline.

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