Rent a Large "Gozzo Caprese"

Travelling with a group? You can easily fit on these larger boats...

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  • Rent a Large "Gozzo Caprese"
  • Rent a Large "Gozzo Caprese"
  • Rent a Large "Gozzo Caprese"
  • Rent a Large "Gozzo Caprese"
  • Rent a Large "Gozzo Caprese"
  • Rent a Large "Gozzo Caprese"
  • Rent a Large "Gozzo Caprese"
  • Rent a Large "Gozzo Caprese"
  • Rent a Large "Gozzo Caprese"

You can rent a larger version of the traditional "gozzo caprese", often called a lancia. These boats can accommodate up to12 passengers and are perfect for groups of 5-6 friends or family who want to have room to spread out and relax on the sun deck.

Large gozzo and lancia boats are always rented with a skipper. Groups can organize a picnic on board or stop for lunch at one of the many waterfront restaurants along Capri's coast.

Larger lancia and gozzo boats are faster and more stable than traditional smaller versions and can easily sail to the Amalfi Coast safely and securely. These types of boats also often have a covered cabin where you can store luggage, so are a perfect solution for transfers between Capri and Positano.


How many passengers can a large gozzo carry?
Large gozzo and lancia boats can accommodate up to 12 passengers. For larger groups, you can organize a gozzo party with a group of two or more boats which sail and moor side by side.
How much does it cost to rent this type of boat?
The cost of renting a large gozzo for 12 passengers is around EUR 250 for a few hours or EUR 450 for the entire day.
Is it best to book a 2 hour tour, 4 hour tour, or all day tour?
Two hours is the absolute minimum time you need to see the coast of Capri, so we recommend it only to those visitors who are just seeing Capri for the day or who want to spend more time exploring the island by land. An entire day at sea can be tiring for those who are not used to sailing. Instead, four hours is the best option. If you want to spend an entire day relaxing on board, book a full day tour and stop for lunch at one of the excellent restaurants located along Capri's coastline.
I need to transfer between Capri and the Amalfi Coast. Can I book a transfer which includes a tour of Capri and a stop to swim?
Of course! Large gozzo boats have a small covered cabin where you can store your bags while you enjoy your sail.
Do I need to bring towels?
No, all gozzo rentals include beach towels and an ice chest with cool beverages.

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