Capri yacht rental

The thrill of exploring the Mediterranean on board a spectacular yacht

Capri yacht rental

The social scene on the island of Capri is centered around the Piazzetta on land—but at sea, the VIPs gather beneath the Faraglioni on board their luxury yachts and superyachts moored just off Marina Piccola. Each summer, the most spectacular leisure crafts in the world head to Italy's dazzling Mediterranean island to relax and soak in the "la dolce vita" atmosphere in style.
You can cruise to Capri on your own yacht or book a luxury yacht charter on Capri or the Amalfi Coast for a private boat tour or day trip along the spectacular coastlines of the island or mainland.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Can I moor anywhere off Capri?

Yes, as long as you respect Italy's nautical laws. There are no stretches of coastline on the island where it's illegal to moor. Most luxury yachts drop anchor beneath the Faraglioni and in Marina Grande. Capri also has a fully serviced marina.

Can I book a motor boat rental or yacht rental for one day?

Yes, there are a number of charter and rental companies that offer daily charters and related concierge services, as well as private events, transfers, and assistance for booking restaurants, day trips, and minicruise itineraries along the Amalfi Coast, Gulf of Naples, coastline of Campania, and Tyrrhenian Sea. The most common motor yachts you'll find available for day cruises include Italian and international names like Itama, Pershing, and Aprea Mare gozzo boats.

How many crew members are included in a yacht charter?

Most Capri yacht charters are crewed with at least two experienced personnel: a captain or skipper and an assistant. This depends upon the size of the yacht and your needs; you can request additional crew members for your charter at an extra charge.

How much does a Capri luxury yacht charter cost?

Charter boat prices begin at about EUR 700/day. Fuel is generally not included. For multi-day charters, request an estimate.

What can I visit by private yacht near Capri?

Yachting itineraries generally include a cruise around Capri with stops to swim and snorkel in the coves along the coastline and, if requested, time on land to explore the towns of Capri and Anacapri.
Capri boat charters can also include a sail to Positano and the rest of the Amalfi Coast from Salerno to Sorrento.
Other boating options include the nearby islands of Ischia and Procida.

Which agencies are available in Capri for renting a luxury yacht?

There are companies in Capri that .companies in Capri that charter a wide variety of boats and yachts, such as Capri Luxury Boats.
They will assist you with the rental as well as with any concierge services you may need, such as onboard massages, chefs, and more.