The Weather on Capri - Season by Season

When is the best time of year to visit Capri?

  • The Weather on Capri - Season by Season
  • The Weather on Capri - Season by Season
  • The Weather on Capri - Season by Season
  • The Weather on Capri - Season by Season
  • The Weather on Capri - Season by Season

How is the weather on Capri (Italy) and when is the best season to visit?

It's easy to think that Capri has a tropical, island climate all year round, perfect for an Italian seaside vacation. The truth is that Capri has four very distinct seasons, each with its own weather and atmosphere.

The tourist season on Capri traditionally runs from the Easter holidays to the first weekend of November. Locals consider the best times to visit the island from the beginning of April to mid-June, and from the beginning of September to mid-October.

Weather on Capri in Spring

Spring is definitely the most beautiful time of year to visit Capri. The light is just right, the weather mild, and the tropical flowers are all in bloom. The scent of jasmine and orange blossoms pervades the streets, which are not overcrowded yet with tourists. Shopkeepers and restaurant hosts are fresh off their winter rest, so happy to see patrons again!

What to Do on Capri in Spring:
  • Walking and Hiking: don't miss the annual flowering of the wild freesias in the Cetrella Valley
  • Boat Tour of the Island: in the spring, there is never a long line to visit the Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra) by rowboat as there can often be in the summer, so we especially recommend a stop in this season!
  • Because of the thin crowds, it's even fun to daytrip to the island of Capri during the spring by hopping on a hydrofoil across the Bay of Naples from Naples, Sorrento, or Ischia or taking a private boat tour from towns on the Amalfi Coast like Positano and Amalfi.

Take advantage of the mild temperatures and sparse crowds to enjoy the top sights virtually to yourself. Take the funicular up from the Marina Grande port to stroll through the Gardens of Augustus and admire views of the Faraglioni rock formations and Via Krupp, savor the natural beauty along the Tragara scenic trail, explore the ruins of the Roman emperor Tiberius' villas, and take in sights like Marina Piccola and the Punta Carena Lighthouse.

Capri in March
Capri in April
Capri in May

The Weather on Capri in March, April, May (averages)

Month Temperature Days of Rain Sea temperature
March 6° - 15° 10 14°
April 9° - 18° 9 14°
May 12° - 22° 5 21°

Weather on Capri in Summer

From June to September, Capri becomes the chic and glamorous destination that has won it a reputation worldwide as an A-list destination, as tourists enjoy the sunny days and balmy nights. The café tables in the Piazzetta fill with the rich and famous, luxury yachts crowd the marina, and each day thousands of visitors arrive by ferry at the Marina Grande port. By day, everyone heads to the beach clubs along the water, and by night gather in the Piazzetta for an aperitivo and a stroll along elegant Via Camerelle.

What to Do on Capri in Summer
  • Beaches on Capri: It's best to avoid the area surrounding the Piazzetta in Capri town during the day, as it is both crowded with daytrippers and hot. The best place to head is to the beach!
  • Hire a Private Boat: The best thing to do on a hot summer day on Capri is without a doubt head to open water on board a traditional gozzo boat, stopping for lunch at a beachside restaurant with a cool pitcher of white wine with peaches to wash it down.

We do not recommend a Capri day trip in the summer, as the heat and crowds can make it a tiring and stressful trip. If you do decide to daytrip, plan on spending the day on the beach or on board a boat.

If you're looking to avoid the summer crowds, head to the quieter town of Anacapri where you can visit Axel Munthe's Villa San Michele and take the chairlift up to the top of Mount Solaro to enjoy views across the island to the Mediterranean Sea beyond.

Capri in June
Capri in July
Capri in August

The Weather on Capri in June, July and August (averages)
Month Temperature Days of rain Sea temperature
June 16° - 26° 2 24°
July 16° - 29° 2 24°
August 18° - 29° 3 24°

Weather on Capri in Autumn

The months of September and October are perfect for visiting Capri, especially if you get lucky with the weather and have a perfectly mild and sunny day. Around mid-September, the island quiets down significantly as the masses of tourists thin, but the weather is still warm enough to spend a sunny day at the beach swimming or to sail along the coast. Restaurants and hotels begin to close for the winter at the end of October.

What to Do on Capri in Autumn
  • Walking and Hiking: the soft autumn light and colors are particularly scenic in this season
  • Shopping Before closing for the winter, many shops have end of the season sales... so you may just find a bargain at the island boutiques.

Capri in September
Capri in October
Capri in November

The Weather on Capri in September, October and November (averages)
Month Temperature Days of rain Sea temperature
September 16° - 29° 3 25°
October 12° - 22° 10 21°
November 9° - 17° 11 18°

Weather on Capri in Winter

Winter is Capri's off-season, though up until the last century many travellers from northern Europe would visit during the months from October to April to escape the cruel winters and avoid Italy's torrid summers. Today, however, most hotels and restaurants close during this season, so your options may be limited. If you do come to Capri in winter, you will certainly see the more authentic, sleepy side of the island and have more of an opportunity to meet the locals and participate in the island culture, but be prepared for winter temperatures and a bracing sea wind.

Things to see and do on Capri in winter: Winter guide to the island.

Capri in December
Capri in January
Capri in February

The Weather on Capri in December, January and February (averages)
Month Temperature Days of Rain Sea temperature
December 6° - 14° 13 16°
January 4° - 12° 10 14°
February 5° - 13° 11 13°


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