Capri, Ischia, or Procida? Which Island in the Bay of Naples is Best?

Are you having a hard time choosing one of these three islands?

  • Capri, Ischia, or Procida? Which Island in the Bay of Naples is Best?
  • Capri, Ischia, or Procida? Which Island in the Bay of Naples is Best?
  • Capri, Ischia, or Procida? Which Island in the Bay of Naples is Best?

These three islands in the Bay of Naples are very different, offering something for different types of travelers. Here, we'll list the pros and cons of each to help you choose!


Procida: 3.7 square kilometers (1.4 square miles).
Capri: 10 square kilometers (3.8 square miles).
Ischia: 46 square kilometers (17.7 square miles).

You can easily visit the island of Procida in one day, whereas a single day on Capri gives you time to just touch on the top sights; plan for two to three days on the island to visit it all. To take in all of Ischia, you'll need from three days to a week. Procida has just one town, while Capri has two (Capri and Anacapri) and Ischia has six.


  • Procida: beaches blanketed in dark volcanic sand and easy to access Beaches on Procida
  • Ischia: this island boasts the highest number of beaches, from small sandy beaches and pebble coves to stretches of coastline with thermal hot springs. This island is the best option if you are looking for purely a beach break. Beaches on Ischia
  • Capri: there are no sandy beaches on this island, only small pebble coves or beach clubs set on the coastal rocks. This rocky seafloor gives the water surrounding Capri its spectacular blue hues, the most dazzling in the Bay of Naples. Beaches on Capri


Procida: a timeless vibe that harks back to Italy in the 1950s with colorful homes, a relaxed island pace, and traditional old-school hotels and restaurants that are friendly but not trendy. Procida is a great place to get away from the stress of modern life without having to worry about your holiday wardrobe!
Ischia: since it's such a large island, Ischia offers a bit of something for everyone. In Ischia Porto and Forio, there are numerous bars, cafés, restaurants, and clubs. In Sant’Angelo, Barano, and Serrara, the atmosphere is more relaxed and family-friendly.
Capri: the most cosmopolitan of the islands, Capri is a popular stop for the international jet-set, thick with high-end fashion boutiques and glamorous clubs and restaurants. That said, there is also a quiet side to the island, especially along the walking trails around Anacapri and the lanes that set off from the bustling Piazzetta in Capri town.


The most expensive of the three islands is hands-down Capri; the most affordable is Procida. Ischia offers something for all budgets.


Of the three islands, Capri offers the highest number of historic and cultural sights to visit, including Villa Jovis and the ruins of a number of ancient villas the Roman emperor Tiberius had built on the island, Villa San Michele (the house-museum of the Swedish physician and writer Axel Munthe), the breathtaking majolica floor in the Church of San Michele, the works by the artist Diefenbach in the Charterhouse of San Giacomo, Villa Lysis, and more.
The only cultural sight on Procida are the historic artifacts displayed at Terra Murata.
On Ischia, you can visit Villa Arbusto and the Museo Archeologico di Pithecusae (home to the ancient Nestor's Cup) and the Mortella Gardens.

Travel Style

Any of these three islands in the Bay of Naples can be a delightful destination for both families and a romantic getaway for couples. The island of Capri is the least suitable for young children, due to is steep, narrow lanes and small, rocky beaches.


Ischia Capri Procida


Area: 46.3 square kilometers (17.7 square miles)
Towns: 6
Residents: around 70,000
Ischia on Wikipedia


Area: 10 square kilometers (3.8 square miles)
Towns: 2
Residents: about 14,000
Capri on Wikipedia


Area: 3.7 square kilometers (1.4 square miles)
Towns: 1
Residents: around 10,000
Procida on Wikipedia


Accommodations listed on about 540


Accommodations listed on about 340


Accommodations listed on about 90


Restaurants listed on TripAdvisor: 438
Michelin-starred restaurants: 2

Local dishes to try
  • Coniglio all’Ischitana (a local rabbit dish)
  • La Zingara Ischitana (a grilled mozzarella and ham sandwich)
  • Rucolino liquer

Restaurants listed on TripAdvisor: 168
Michelin-starred restaurants: 2

Local dishes to try
  • Ravioli capresi (with cheese and marjoram)
  • Torta Caprese (chocolate almond cake)
  • Limoncello liqueur

Restaurants listed on TripAdvisor: 53

Local dishes to try
  • L'insalata di Limone (lemon salad)
  • Gli spaghetti con le pannocchie (spaghetti with a local shellfish)
  • La lingua procidana (a custard-filled pastry)
  • Aragonese Castle
  • Pithecusae Archaeological Museum
  • The Abbey Complex
  • The Museum of the Sea

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