Tour and transfer by helicopter

A luxury transfer experience

Tour and transfer by helicopter

Experience the epitome of luxury and speed with our exclusive helicopter transfers from Rome and Naples to the idyllic island of Capri. Bypass the crowded ferries and long travel times, and instead, ascend to new heights, witnessing the breathtaking Italian landscapes from a vantage point reserved for the few. Our helicopter transfers offer not only unparalleled speed, reaching Capri in a fraction of the time it would take by other means, but also deliver a unique, premium experience that adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to your journey. Treat yourself to the ultimate travel comfort and make your trip to Capri an unforgettable one with our helicopter transfer service.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How many passengers can travel by helicopter?

A helicopter can transport up to 6 people.

How much does it cost to go to Capri by helicopter?

A helicopter transfer from Naples to Capri, for a maximum of 6 people, costs starting from 2400 Eur.

Where does the helicopter land in Capri?

In Capri, helicopters arrive at the Damecuta heliport, in the municipality of Anacapri. From here, it is then possible to move by taxi to other locations on the island.

How do you get to the Capri heliport?

The Capri heliport is easily accessible with the typical Capri taxis. The car can stop a few steps away from the landing place. All the companies offering helicopter transfer services also take care of organizing transfers to and from the heliport.

How long does a helicopter trip to Capri take?

If departing from Naples Capodichino airport, the fligth time is less than 30 minutes, approximately an hour instead if departing from Rome to Capri.

What can you see during the panoramic helicopter tour in Capri?

During the helicopter flight over Capri, you have the opportunity to admire the Sorrento peninsula, the coasts of Campania, the Amalfi Coast, the Bay of Naples, and the Gulf of Salerno and of course the Faraglioni Rocks. There are also private helicopter tours available that fly over the Pompeii Ruins or the temples of Paestum.

Which company should you contact to organize a transfer or a helicopter tour in Capri?

Hoverfly is the company based in Bellizzi, in the province of Salerno, owning a modern fleet of helicopters.