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Shopping in Capri - Via Vittorio Emanuele, 18
Alberto e Lina
Alberto e Lina
Alberto e Lina
Alberto e Lina
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"La Campanina": a lucky charm bell from Capri

  • Where the traditional "campanina di Capri" lucky charm was born
  • Jewelers to Capri since 1950
  • A boutique with an island welcome

Why choose Alberto e Lina in Capri

Since 1950, the internationally renowned "Campanina" of Capri, belonging to Alberto and Lina, has been offering its customers the most precious creations, worthy of comparison with those displayed by the most famous jewelers of Paris, London or New York.

A family tradition which has now passed on to a third generation with Mariolì and Filippo proudly maintaining the prestige and high standards of quality for which the Campanina is so well known. Each time they return to the island of Capri, the established clientele, all veritable connoisseurs of luxury, never fail to pay a visit to the Campanina, certain to find that quite unique and exquisitely set gemstone, yet to be seen elsewhere.

The courtesy and highly professional service offered by the Federico family, both typical traits of the legendary island hospitality, are coupled with the enthusiasm with which the customer is assisted in his or her choice, whether they be purchasing an important gift for a loved one or treating themselves to a truly precious souvenir of Capri. Despite the rapid growth of the island's luxury shopping scene, the "La Campanina" of Alberto and Lina continues to be the favorite with members of stylish Italian and International society.

As well as the two boutiques in Via Vittorio Emanuele, visitors now find the trend setting "Gem", situated right in the Piazzetta with a fabulous range of highly fashionable jewelry and watches.

Locations - How to get to Capri

La Campanina by Alberto and Lina is situated in the heart of Capri, on the exclusive shopping street of Via Vittorio Emanuele and just a few steps away from the island's world famous Piazzetta.


Alberto e Lina
Shopping in Capri - Via Vittorio Emanuele, 18
+39 081 8370643

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